Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Teenage is the best part of everyone’s life and especially for girls. But some who have become pregnant in her teenage have the different face of life when you are below 18 years you are not considered as adult. Become pregnant before adulthood, it is not even illegal but harmful for health too. When teenagers used to take part in sexual activities they are at highest risk of having STDs because they are unaware of what they are doing and how much risk in that. They must take some precautionary measures while doing such activities. You will surprise to know that U.S. is at the top where the rate of teenage pregnancy is almost doubled the England and this rate is ten times compared to Switzerland. One out of every three girls is going to pregnant in her teen period in USA.

Problems faced by New Mums – Teen pregnancy not only affect the health but it puts so many effects over the whole life of the girl. Due to responsibility of new child she doesn’t have time to spend over studies and so can’t able to get higher education. Even the born kids have to face some difficulties because of her immature parents. They even have health issues too. The body is not able to satisfy even her own needs in teenage and in that age if the girl has a child in her womb then the nutrition divide between the two and both have number of issues. Even girl is not so strong physically, mentally and emotionally at that time.

Usually teen pregnant girl feels more pressure as well as pain compared to other pregnant ladies. Even they have some other health problems like unusual discharge from vagina, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, infant death and face or hand swelling, eyesight problems, respiratory issues and hyperactivity disorder in the early period of pregnancy. During pregnancy woman has to gain weight to satisfy the need of baby in her womb and teen girl is not able to do that and as a result they have to stay more in hospitals to seek more medical attention. Depression attacks them after the birth of child. Reason they the emotionally no so mature to handle the kid and these responsibilities put extra pressure over her. The only thing required then is the love and affection of dear ones. If the mother is smokers or alcoholic then also it can result in miscarriage.

How Teen Pregnancy Affect the Child? – As mentioned above the immature body of the mum is not able to support the baby or even provide proper nutrition to the baby. Mostly, teen pregnant ladies give birth to children who are underweight, even they are deficient to nutrition and this deficiency results in less developed organs. So, most of the children become disable physically, emotionally or sometimes behaviorally. Most of them are anaemic, iron deficient, have bleeding in brain, have high blood pressure and even swelling. Sometimes the deficiencies make them blind by birth or have intestinal problems too.