Why Does Sneezing Feel Good?

Why Does Sneezing Feel Good

From the cradle, we have sneezes that are considered to be a natural reaction, but not many people understand what happens in the body when we generate a sneeze. What makes you sneeze? Why sneeze makes a big sound? Why does sneezing feel good? You can read the article below to get convincing answers.

What makes you sneeze?

Dr. Alexis Jackman, an ear, nose, and throat from New York said that a sneeze is brought by the combination and the defensive response of the body to stimulation. It works to remove the things that do not belong to the body.

Stimulation arrives abruptly and brings about a series of changes in the body. According to Dr. Alexis Jackman, the brain commands the contraction of the chest muscles, activating some muscles of the mouth; then the uvula combined with the tongue close off the mouth. As a result, the air is forced to go out through the nose.

Different levels of stimulation will cause different sounds. For example, both cold and allergy cause sneezes but there are some differences. Nevertheless, according to many experts, both derive from similar neurological mechanisms. Accordingly, under all circumstances, a sneeze helps you restart your respiratory system and give you back to the normal state.

What is the speed of a sneeze?

In the 1950s, the biologist named William Firth Wells of Harvard University estimated that a sneeze had the speed of about 100 meters per second. Meanwhile, another research by a group of scientists in Singapore showed that a sneeze could release with the speed of up to 16.9 kilometers per hour.

Why does sneezing feel good?

Dr. Jackman said that you were in a state of super sensitivity and this feeling was increasingly rising. After experiencing the ecstasy, you felt rather relaxed. That was the reason why you get the comfortable feeling after sneezing. The doctor also said that the kind of comfort had some similarities to the situation that we went for a piss after long hours of holding in urine.

In reality, when you start to sneeze, you will feel a great amount of pressure on the nasal cavity. Naturally, when you generate a sneeze, all that pressure will ease, bringing you a pleasant feeling. In addition, when a sneeze comes, Endorphins, a kind of stimulant that helps to enhance the happiness of your brain, is secreted. That’s why you feel marvelous.

Are there any relations between a sneeze and an orgasm?

In fact, some researchers confirmed that these two elements are relevant to each other. Both of them are the high reflexes that help to release something from the body.

When having a sneeze, you will experience various feelings, from a state of excitement, a desire to release to the pleasant feeling like achieving an orgasm. For this reason, having a sneeze bears several similarities to making love that also leads you to stimulation, climax, and orgasm.

In addition, many studies also have shown that both these actions help the body produce endorphins, a stimulating hormone. Besides, in some cases, after reaching sexual excitement, many people also sneeze.

This phenomenon occurs because of the collision of some of the nerve fibers in the body, which causes two simultaneous stimuli. It also contributes to confirm the claim that these two reflexes are related to each other.

However, Dr. Jackman denied the fabulous relation between sneezing and achieving orgasm. She shared that this odd story came from that fact that nasal tissues became erectile and a sense of relaxation arrives after a sneeze. However, this state is completely not similar to the erection of the genitals.

Why cannot you have a sneeze?

Some experts say the cause of this condition is that you do not receive enough stimulation to make a noise.

In this case, to have a sneeze, you need to increase the level of stimulation by using a hair to tickle the nose or simply squeeze the nose.

What comes out when you sneeze?

The nasal mucosa works as a protective mechanism. A sneeze helps to get rid of the mucus and dirt stick to the mucosa. As such, air, snivel, bacteria and dirt come out when you sneeze. Therefore, it is necessary to use a handkerchief or cover the nose and the mouth with your hand when you have a sneeze. You need to wash your hands immediately after that.

Why can you not stop sneezing?

If you often have more than three uninterrupted sneezes, it may be because your nerves run more slowly than others. According to Dr.Jackman, for each person, it takes different periods of time for the brain to receive signals and give a response. In fact, several people take a long time before resetting the mechanism that forces the body to stop sending nerve signals.

Why do some people have a loud sneeze?

The volume of the lung, the size of trachea, larynx, mouth and the level of stimulation are all the factors that have an impact on the level of sound of each sneeze.

What happens if you try to resist a sneeze?

The sneeze is considered to be an irresistible action. However, in some cases, it is seen as a rude action in public places. As a result, many people try to resist sneezing. Consequently, the amount of saliva that should have been released through the mouth will come out your ears at a rate that is several times faster than the speed of 64 km / h. So, it can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure, which can lead to brain damage, which can lead to death. Therefore, you should prepare handkerchief to cover your mouth instead of sneezing slightly.

Why can we not open your eyes when sneezing?

Why do we tend to close our eyes when sneezing? According to scientists, this is a reflex. The nerves in the nose connect to the nerves in the eye. For this reason, when sneezing, you will wink because of being stimulated.

Why does a sneeze slow the heart rate down?

When you produce a sneeze, a strong air jet is expelled, which makes the blood pressure rise and causes the heart rate to slow down. An abrupt slowdown of the heartbeat will make you feel as if your heart stops beating for a few seconds.

The information above are some questions and answers about sneezing. In general, sneezing is a natural reaction that is aimed at releasing a certain amount of air from the body. Hope that the article will help you to promote the knowledge of your body mechanism.


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