8 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship And You Should Leave It Immediately


1. They don’t respect you.Emotional_Status8When your partner starts humiliating you not in private but also in public, it proves that your partner has stopped respecting you. Our elders use to say that one should breathe in that air where you are not respected.

2. They don’t trust you.black-and-white-boy-couple-cry-Favim.com-771428When for every single thing they ask for proofs and witnesses, it shows that your partner does not trust you at all and a relationship without trust in it is just a burden. You can’lt let your partner test your innocence everyday.  Such relationships have no future.

3. They stand in your way.Couple-talking-600x400Sacrifice is a gesture of love but when your partner intentionally starts killing your dreams, your ambitions then he is standing in your way. Love is thinking about each other happiness not being self centered. When your partner starts imposing decisions on you without your concern, then it is a time you should leave immediately.

4. They keep hurting you.12Hurting not only physically but emotionally and mentally is a sign of a toxic relationship. When your partner becomes reason to cry everyday, when you start regretting over your relationship, when your partner starts insulting and abusing you in public, its time you should immediately leave.

5. They don’t appreciate your presenceAnnoyed couple ignoring each other in the kitchen
It is been said that “Love is not finding someone you can live with, it’s finding someone you can’t live without.”
When your presence stops making any difference to them and feel that your presence is bothering them then its sign that your partner doesn’t need you anymore. In other words you can say that your partner don’t appreciates your presence.

6. They don’t make an effort.bistro-couple-ignoring-322845The initial six months of every relationship is more like a honeymoon period post that actual relationship starts. If you feel that gradually your partner has stopped making efforts for you and makes you feel unwanted and worthless about your own self then its time that you need to make a strong decision before it is too late. It’s an insidious thing negative relationships do.

7. They make you feel uncomfortableb37f2380-b49a-4e37-880f-8d0425689dfa-fotolia_192166414_subscription_monthly_m-1Many people exist on this planet who chose to be in relationship just because they are good no matter the spark is left or not. Unwillingly they stay in a relationship they don’t like. They chose not to speak up about their issue but such gestures usually get noticed that you are forcing yourself into a relationship and that is hurtful. The forced love and affection makes the significant other uncomfortable.

8. Your Partner is Distant After an ArgumentN2sPX27mQ0ulEvery relationship have its own part of ups and downs. Couple having fights and argument is very normal. But a relationship is called healthy one when partner immediately approach the significant other to resolve the issue, instead of walking out of the room and shutting the door behind. This person will make every effort to see both sides of the conflict.

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