SheShines – 2019


Mr.Gurpreet Singh Tikku and Ms.Gurleen Kaur Tikku organised women focussing event in Delhi. This event was held on a large scale inviting approximately 200 people majorly involving women. This event raised the status and the view of certain women they had towards themselves. This attitude changing and feminism focused jury was gathered all together on 13th April showing full participation where the individuals needed to rush to get a better view as there were no vacant seats to be found.

This event involved many other small programmes in keeping people interested in the seminar and starting with a lightning ceremony by the guest of honour Kamlesh Gill, along with Mr and Mrs Tikku. Kamlesh Gill played quite vital roles in the film industry one being the grandmother of Katrina in Bang Bang. The lightening session was followed by interactive discussions between the participants present and the guests present. The personality she inherited amused the jury that the elderly lady possessed and was left struck. There was a session of a womanly talk by RJ Sayema, and Hridhan encouraged by everyone. There was also a fusion dance conducted by Rashmi Sharma who pleased the jury to its fullest.


The participants were warmly welcomed by a brunch which consisted of sandwiches with selective spreads and condiments from a famous brand Veeba.

They varied from salad dressings to mayonnaise and spreads. They also introduced their newly emerged Fruit Toppins of different flavours which comprised of Caramel Fudge Topping, Strawberry Fruit Topping, Chocolate Fudge Topping and Alphonso Mango Fruit Topping.

The guests while having interactions can sink their teeth into US cranberries present in Martini glasses. They were quite beneficial and thoughtful of the organisers that they introduced health favouring item as well. They ranged in benefits, and these exotic fruits maintain the health of the urinary tract, reduces inflammation to an extent, prohibits cancer growing cells, and even benefits stomach problems and conquer its health problems in different aspects.


Apart from luscious fruits, the dried cranberries are meant to be of great help by providing Vitamin C, K, A and E. They prove to be quite essential for heart, gums and health. They even take care of your hair and skin.

The participants of the event were set goodbyes by giving a goodie bag which gave joyous smiles on every lady as it considered some famous brands which were loved by all and appreciated as well. These kinds of events are much desirous in the country and must be withheld to impart awareness among people.