Earn High by Finding Security Guard Jobs in Vancouver, BC

security guard jobs in Vancouver B.C

Do you know who is a security guard and what are the responsibilities handled by him? A security guard is someone who plays a crucial role in inspecting, guarding and patrolling properties against fire, theft, and various other illegal activities. The job of the security guard is to protect people and their value possessions from getting damaged, stolen or misused. Leading businesses, industries, shops, malls, banks, etc hire security guards to help deter crimes and illegal activities. If the business is located in high-risk areas, then it becomes even more crucial to get the help of the companies providing security guard services. Many companies provide security guard jobs in Vancouver, BC.

What Does a Security Guard Do?

Mentioned below are some of the functions and job responsibilities of a security guard.

  • Protecting and enforcing laws on employer’s property
  • Conducting regular security checks
  • Detain criminal violators
  • Creating comprehensive reports highlighting what they observed while on patrol
  • Monitoring closed-circuit TV cameras, etc.


Security guards always remain alert looking for anything unusual. In emergency conditions, he may contact the police, ambulance or fire services for assistance. Security guards are employed at offices, retail stores, museums, factories to protect valuable possessions, interests and staff members. They have received training and are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to offer their clients services that can meet their needs. Guards maintain security and also protect organizations, customers, staff, data, valuable data or property from being stolen, misused or misplaced.

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