Running Better With Flat Feet

Running Better With Flat Feet

Running may not be as comfortable as it should be if you have flat feet. Nevertheless, it’s not a reason to disqualify you from running whatsoever. Even though this feet condition has been previously mistaken as an obstacle to running, research proves that you can still be a great runner regardless of your flat feet condition. The only unique deformation flat feet can have is a collapsed arch which is not as bad as it may sound. People are still achieving their goals in running career with the same flat feet condition. What makes you think that you are going to be an exception? I do not think so. I believe you can still be good at running even with your flat feet.

How Do You Know You Have Flat Feet? 

Well, we can talk all day long about flat feet and still live you out in darkness simply because you are not sure if you have fleet feet. It’s normal not to be sure about your condition so do not hate yourself for that. After all, we are all human beings and we all do have a potential of knowing and not knowing. Enough of long stories, why don’t we get to know how to figure out whether you have flat feet or not?

So first things first, flat feet can be defined simply as a feet condition where the feet arches tend to collapse. I do not know about you but to me, this doesn’t sound abnormal at all. It’s just a natural condition and as a victim, you can’t really deviate from that fact. It can’t be controlled but can be managed.

If you want to confirm if your feet arches are collapsed or not, just keep your feet in a basin of water and then make your footprints on a clear floor with the wet feet. If you have flat feet, you will notice that the footprints lack an arch. If otherwise, the arch will be clearly evident.

Running Better with Flat Feet

  1. Run on level ground

There are several outcomes of flat feet running and overpronation is one of the most common. Overpronation occurs when your feet roll inward when running or walking. Sometimes, the arches may roll downwards. Still, that will be a case of overpronation. That is definitely not cool for runners. Overpronation mostly cases severe pain on the lower foot due to overstraining. In order to prevent this, running on level ground is seriously recommended.

  1. Recreate your arches through exercise

Simple exercises like toe curls would work pretty well in rebuilding your arches. Toe-curling is just but a simple feet exercise that involves you sitting on a chair and placing a towel right on the floor in front of you then place your bare feet on the towel and repetitively pull the towel towards you. A regular toe curling should work out well in rebuilding your arches.

  1. Wear the right running shoes 

And of course, this should always be on your mind whenever you want to get involved in any kind of running. Thanks to the shoe industry for making as many shoes as possible. You can now access shoes for literary all types of feet deformation. And as a matter of fact, we have shoes specially designed and tailored for flat feet running. So it’s all left for you to get yourself a pair or two pairs of the best running shoes for flat feet. On the other hand, we still have the best walking shoes for flat feet. O if you are not into running and you have flat feet, you are also sorted.

  1. Take the necessary precautions

There are several issues linked to flat feet and am very sure you wouldn’t wish to experience any of the involved issues. Therefore, it’s really important that you take every necessary precaution to prevent such issues from affecting your running career. For instance, we just talked about wearing the right shoes for flat feet. That should never depart from your mind. Note that any ignorance towards these precautions may lead to serious issues like knee and lower back pains.

  1. Support your ankles and feet whenever you are running

This point should fall under the take the necessary precautions point but I feel it should come in as a standalone point. Know that support is very crucial in it comes to running or even walking with flat feet. Get yourself some arch support inserts and fix them in your running/walking shoes. For instance, you may consider buying yourself some good arch support insoles for your running shoes. This will help prevent issues like overpronation and many others linked to flat feet.