Rocking the Streets with these Creative yet Smart Dressing Strategies

Smart Dressing

Street fashion has always been an extremely fascinating territory where one gets to witness the most eclectic mix of innovative and at times bizarre ideas! The youth always love to be a bit daring and different. They simply enjoy playing with new styles of dressing from head to toe, that would completely set them apart from the rest. The same old practice of blindly imitating the trends dictated by top notch designers can be really boring for some people after a certain point of time. That is when they start coming up with new ideas of dressing, which would look great on the streets, and at the same time score high on comfort.

Facing the woes of fashion

For teenagers, dressing up well is one of the top most priorities in their lives, and they simply cannot afford to compromise on this at any cost. The influence of the mass media, peer group, the pressure to fit in, all these factors accumulated together can lead to a lot of mental stress while trying to figure her wardrobe. Since fashionable dresses always seem to be reserved for the ultra-thin figures, the women with a bit of curves often feel compelled to squeeze themselves into those skimpy dresses of smaller sizes just to look trendy! Wouldn’t it be so much better to dress according to one’s body type for bringing out the best assets to the forefront?

Stocking up on the essentials

Apart from those exclusive dresses which are reserved for special occasions, every woman’s wardrobe requires a few basic items without which, it would be quite difficult to imagine life! A few pairs of denims in different shades, a classic white shirt, an LBD for cocktail parties or night outs with friends, a couple of monochromatic knee length pencil skirts, a few sweatshirts and jackets. Coming to the shoes, you would definitely require a pair of sneakers, a couple of high-heels and some decent looking sandals for regular use. Don’t forget the stylish sunglasses and the bling factor! Chunky pieces of jewelry can pep up the simplest of outfits.

Dressing according to your body type

However, keeping the shape of your body in mind can help you in making excellent choices of tops or dresses which would subtly conceal all your flaws and draw attention to your most beautiful parts. Women who are slightly on the heavier side can safely settle for dark colored A-line skirts instead of the body hugging or excessively flared ones. Vertical stripes in dresses and tops would add the illusion of length and make you look slimmer. It is better to stay away from horizontal stripes since they make you look bigger.

Stepping out with confidence

Replace those large floral or geometric prints with smaller and more delicate ones. Those with an apple shaped body (heavier at the top), should try to steer clear of waistbands or belts and avoid any kind of detailing in the bust or waist area. On the other hand, pear shaped women who are heavier at the bottom, can balance her look by sticking to clothes which seem to broaden her shoulders and accentuate her busts. And most importantly, never ever wear stuff which makes you feel uncomfortable. You must be able to step out with the fullest confidence!