How to reduce stress in your life?

How to reduce stress in your life?

Stress is something that everyone faces in their lives. Only the degree of stress varies from people to people. This difference is because of two reasons – firstly, the attitude that people have towards the problems in their lives and secondly, the little things we do or the habits that we have, which can reduce or increase our stress levels.  It is very difficult to change one’s attitude but some of the easy ways to reduce stress in your life are discussed below:


  1. Sleep – Shakespeare said, “Sleep is the chief nourisher of life.” The right amount of sleep can make the difference in your life. If you do not get the minimum amount of sleep, you will feel irritated the whole day and even the little problems will become burdensome. A good way to get enough sleep is to develop a bedtime routine so that your body can signal you that it’s time to keep the smart phone away.


  2. Meditation – Meditation is what gives you a certain degree of calmness. It enables you to spend your time alone with yourself. You don’t need to sell your Ferrari and go to the Himalayas for months and return in a red gown for bursting stress. A few minutes of silent meditation can help you gain inner peace.

    Healthy diet

  3. Healthy diet – Now this method of reducing stress in your life is actually based on research. Junk food not only makes you fat and unhealthy, it can actually make you stressed. On the other hand, certain healthy foods like proteins and whole-grain foods fills you with good energy to face the normal troubles of the day.

    Physical Exercise

  4. Physical Exercise – People often think that the classic solution to relieve stress is to get into a shell and lock themselves in a room and go to sleep. The contrary is true. Physical exercise can actually help you to a great extent. It doesn’t have to be hard core exercise. But it should suit your body’s physical strength. If you are a bike enthusiast, go clean up the bike lying in your backyard and go for a ride. If you love swimming but haven’t had a swim since years then it’s the right time to get a new swimming costume.

    Positive Attitude

  5. Positive Attitude – Positive attitude plays a vital role to get rid of stress in your life .This can be developed in two ways.Firstly, stop comparing your lives with others. Try to evaluate the good things you have received in life that might not be present in the other’s life, as we know the saying “grass seems greener on the other side always”. One of the best ways to eradicate stress from your life is to focus on all the little things are on the right track and make other things to go in the right direction in your life. One of the spillover effects of a major stress in your life is that even the things that you did right; no longer seem to be working. Make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Overall, stress eradication should be a conscious effort when you realize that you are undergoing a mental depression. Small efforts can be really fruitful and keep you away from unnecessary anti-depressants.