The reason for the demand of WordPress Instagram Themes

The reason for the demand of WordPress Instagram Themes

If you are online with your business, product, service, or some other social cause or a noble cause, then you must be exploring the potential of social media to connect to more and more people and create followers to spread your business or cause the best. And, this is where the latest hit Instagram plays a perfect role. It has become a sudden success and a great hit globally for some such reasons which are unavoidable.

The pictorial success of Instagram

Did you ever think why textual content, however elaborative it is still cannot conquer the mind as good and as fast as a graphic content? Well, the reason is, to get through the textual content; one will have to read, understand, assimilate, and then think about it. For the picture, on the other hand, one will glance once, or maybe look a little deeper for seconds and will get the whole meaning or purpose absorbed into senses. That is why images work much better than text in communicating and telling stories. And this is why Instagram is also a big success. Services like Gramblast makes the presence on Instagram all the more meaningful by adding more fans and followers, shares and comments on the account thereby raising account activity and awareness.

Thus website makers are stressing more on the integration of this latest social media platform on their websites to increase the site appeal and social media connectivity to a considerable extent. This is the reason WordPress themes with Instagram is the latest craze, and site builders, WordPress bloggers, Instagram users, all are after such themes which help build a site or blog easily while showing the recent Instagram posts on the landing page or social media part of the site.

You know what WordPress is

It’s assumed that even the layman has heard about WordPress if one is taking the slightest interest in website making, blogging, or just surfing the internet and social sites. Hence this term is much common. And it’s evident that if you are into website designing, or blogging, then you cannot be ignorant about this. WordPress is the hot favorite in website making for being the most versatile, easy to handle, easy to learn, and extremely feature loaded Content Management System or CMS.

Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is run by plugins, which makes the CMS so very feature loaded and versatile. In general, a web site’s functionality is added and enhanced by internal codes and scripts. In the case of WordPress, the functionalities can be added, edited, removed and improved through the addition and alteration of plugins. Plugins are just like patches which are installed on the WordPress site to add a feature or function to the site, and you can install one if you need, and remove it in future when you don’t need, or keep it installed and yet inactive if you don’t need it currently. Plugins make the handling of WordPress sites so elementary, which if you once get accustomed to handling a WordPress site, you may never want to use any other website framework.

How is social media connected to a WordPress site?

Any website is made social media integrated into a variety of ways to enhance connectivity of site visitors to the social media pages of the site or business owner. This is done to increase and make a stronger network of followers and visitors. And in the process, social media is integrated into small widgets, windows, sidebars, buttons on the top or bottom, links at the bottom, on the menu, and so on, in a variety of creative and helpful ways.

WordPress is already a sorted CMS, and much friendly to handle. That is why here the integration of social media is a breeze. You can install a social plugin on the WordPress site, and link the social account inside that plugin, and tell the position or page in the plugin to display the social content, link, or button whatever it is. And it’s that easy!

How WordPress Instagram themes work?

Instagram themes are added to WordPress just as described above. You either install an Instagram plugin in your WordPress site or make the new WordPress site based on a WordPress Instagram theme which comes already loaded with this main feature.

If you are making a new site, then the best suggestion would be to create a WordPress site on this Instagram integrated theme only. This way you will not have to search for a compatible plugin as the search can eat up some of your valuable time. Instead of setting up the site on a theme that is built to show your Instagram posts on the WordPress site, and acts as a connector between the website and the social account, is a brilliant idea and solution. The theme would help you show all the latest Instagram posts and activities on the WordPress site in a way you program or customize it.

Customize the looks and get started

You can always customize the looks of the WordPress site which runs on the social media integration theme. Here you can tell how frequently the site will take updates from your Instagram account, and in which order or pattern the images will be shown. You will be able to customize where on the site you want to show this. The site may be entirely focused on the Instagram account activities making your visitors well aware of your prominent presence on the social site. And the site may also be just showing your presence on the social site by displaying your Instagram account images at a sidebar, or at one portion which allows for much emphasis on the other site contents too. This way, you may customize anything and build a strong presence of your social media on your website also.


The integration of WordPress and Instagram can be a deadly combination to make some strong mark on the web in your digital marketing and SEO campaigns. Such use of themes helps in instant social media marketing, where you need not direct your visitors to the Instagram account with buttons or links. Instead, a good picture displayed on the site will bring a click on it to lead the visitor to the social site and increase your following.