PayPal Business Referral Program and Earn Up to 100$


If you are a person who wants to send or receive money at the international level then what is it that you require to do so? You need to get an application or website which can help you do so and that too which can be trusted. PayPal is one such American company which deals in international transactions. No matter which country you live in, if you are connected on PayPal and so is the other person then you can do transactions easily.

The company provides a payment platform for those who are normally transacting amount from one country to another, auction sites, International vendors, and other Online international markets. In exchange for this service, all they do is charge a little amount for benefits like one-click transfer and password memory.

PayPal has been through many stages since its development but still has become one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to online international transactions. For those who are not connected to it, they can easily connect to it by filling the simple sign up form and providing some basic details for the same. Once you are done with everything you are ready to do online transactions.

PayPal Earn Money Through Referral

To promote itself PayPal has been giving out many offers to its users. One of the recent ongoing programs is the referral program. In this program, if you refer someone to be a part of the PayPal family and they join the same then you and the new user get 10$ instantly. You can get up to 100$ if you can get more and more users. So how does it work is what you need to know. The whole process is based on the following simple steps:

1. Create a referral Link. You need to click on the refer now tab and generate your unique referral link.

2. Share your referral link. You can share your referral link on social media or via mail and try to get more and more people into the PayPal family.

3. Condition. The new user must connect to PayPal via your referral link and must do at least 100$ international transactions within 45 days of registration.

4. Credit. Now you and your referee both get a 10$ PayPal voucher each.

Why choose PayPal?

PayPal has become one of the most used and authentic ways of doing online transactions at the international level. Not only it deals with more than 25 currencies but also provides a safeguard to your business against fraud sellers. PayPal makes sure that your money is safe and you do not feel any type of confusion while doing payments.

PayPal is famous for one more thing. Even if you have multiple businesses at the international level and you want to set PayPal as your secure payment gateway in every single website then you do not need to create multiple accounts. All can be handled by a single account and you won’t need to make any other alterations for the same.