National Ice Cream Day: A Day to Thank the Dairy Farmers

National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated every third Sunday in July in the United States. This year, it falls on July 16, 2023. The holiday was first declared by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, and it has been celebrated ever since.

National Ice Cream Day is a day to enjoy all things ice cream. People all over the country celebrate by eating their favorite flavors, visiting ice cream shops, and participating in ice cream-themed events. Many businesses offer discounts and freebies on ice cream on this day, so it’s a great time to indulge your sweet tooth.

In addition to celebrating the deliciousness of ice cream, National Ice Cream Day also raises awareness of the importance of the dairy industry. Dairy farmers work hard to provide us with the milk that is used to make ice cream, and National Ice Cream Day is a way to thank them for their efforts.

So whether you’re a longtime ice cream lover or you’re just getting started, I encourage you to celebrate National Ice Cream Day this year. There’s no better way to cool down on a hot summer day than with a delicious scoop of ice cream.

Here are some fun facts about National Ice Cream Day:

  • The average American eats about 23 gallons of ice cream per year.
  • The most popular ice cream flavor in the United States is vanilla.
  • The world’s largest ice cream sundae weighed over 20,000 pounds and was made in Alaska in 2017.
  • The first ice cream cone was invented in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair.

So there you have it! National Ice Cream Day is a day to celebrate all things ice cream. So go out and enjoy a scoop or two, and thank a dairy farmer for their hard work.

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