MARC BOMBENON – Procedure To A Successful Mentoring Program

Marc Bombenon

Many people are faced with circumstances in their life that make them seek help from a mentor. They believe the mentor can provide them with resourceful answers. Therefore, it is very significant to know how a mentor program gets its success. Marc Bombenon, Chairman and Business Advisor of SureCall, has got you a simple procedure to provide you the complete information about a successful mentor program. The first thing you should do before contacting your mentor or coach is preparing yourself to be ready by examining the corporation, organization, or even the association for which the mentor works. Make sure you have discovered, to some extent, more data about the mentor’s position and the business. You can do your exploration of the Internet.

When you have finished your exploration, start considering what sorts of questions you might want to ask your coach. What follows this step is the first contact with your mentor, which is probably going to be either by a phone call or by email. If it’s not too much trouble, see they asked for a strategy on the coach’s datasheet. If you email your guide, you ought to append a duplicate of your CV and a short life story. Tell your tutor your identity, what you are examining, and what your objectives are. You have two weeks from the day you get the contact data to connect with your coach.

Being a mentor and advisor, Marc Bombenon, Executive Chairman of SureCall Contact,Centers knows precisely what makes a mentorship program successful. According to him, after the first two steps, it is time for you to have the first meeting with your mentor. At this level, you need to tell him/her how frequently you might want to be in contact. Request the most proper time of day and place to call. On the off chance that you are utilizing email, keep in touch with the guide routinely, and request the appeal you would have asked had you met face to face. Such a meeting can occur over espresso, for lunch, or at the coach’s office. Address your mentor and orchestrate a place that both of you are comfortable.

After the first meeting with your mentor, plan future meetings. According to Marc, it is critical to be in contact with your mentor routinely. It is usual for proteges to start contact with a coach, and after that lose intrigue, this sort of sporadic correspondence will leave a terrible impression. How frequently you contact the mentor relies on both yours and his/her timetable. Make sure to get some information about his/her availabilities as quickly as time permits. Finally, it is ending the match; you can choose to stay in contact with your mentor at his/her wariness. Two semesters are the most extreme period for a match; however, you may end it whenever. If it’s not too much trouble, contact the Mentor Coordinator to tell him when you wish to finish your match. He can then match your guide with another understudy, and if wanted, re-coordinate you with another tutor. With this simple procedure from Marc, your mentorship program can get to its success quickly.