How to Make your Home and Garden Attractive on a Low Budget

How to Make your Home and Garden Attractive on a Low Budget

The scope of interior designing is huge but the money involved is huge too. This is a myth as there are many ways in which you can have a home which looks as beautiful as a home having professional interior decorations in a low budget. A good looking interior will always call for a good, organized and pleasant garden. These interior design tips are what most professionals swear by and you can never go wrong with them. With these tips, your home and garden is sure to look like the ones designed by high profile interior designers.

Choose your colors wisely

Often the colour of the room is more important than the furniture or the decorations. Always remember to choose the colour that best suits your needs. If you are someone who likes all things bright and a lot of light, the colors yellow and white are for you. Simply whitewash the walls and paint up the doors and windows yellow. You can also add a dash of orange or black furnishings for a good contrast. If you are someone with a more somber mood, grey’s and muted earth and maroon shades are what you should opt for. Just remember two colors are more than enough.

Clutter does not look good

Always de clutter your home to give it a neat and a classy look. Whoever says messy is in is so wrong. Nothing looks better than a home that is squeaky clean and organized. Always built lots of storage spaces for your kitchen and your rooms. Remember, nothing should lie down uncovered. Even your laundry baskets should have storage. Wall cabinets work best for every place, be it the bedroom or the kitchen. Always remember to co ordinate the colour of the cabinets with that of the room to blend in all together smoothly.

Use clever lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in interior decoration. Lighting can make or break the look of any space. Good lighting will instantly brighten up your home and low lighting will instantly make it look dull. Therefore, invest on good lighting. For those desiring a cozy space should not forget to invest in a pair of low yellow or reddish tinted lights to give a rich cozy feel. Paper lanterns, Chinese lamps and Fairy lights look very beautiful too.

Be creative with plant tubs

You can be creative with plant and flower pots to give your garden a modern and trendy look. Hanging plants to make a pathway looks gorgeous too. Just cover all the pots with broken mirror pieces to give your garden a quick economical makeover. The mirror pieces look beautiful when during the day they reflect light. You can also use gravel stone or colorful rocks to create your own unique aisle or a pathway to the garden. Always use a variety of flowers and ensure that they are colorful. It will brighten up your garden. Same colour flowers or only plants can make your garden look a bit unattractive. Decorate it with fairy lights or paper lanterns at night to give it an ethereal look.