Little Rock Arkansas’s Lots and Land Values for Home Sales

Home Sales

In this guide, we’re going to talk a little bit about the different lot and land values for home sales, particularly in one estate, but nonetheless, it’s one of the best ones in the Little Rock region. Why is this important? Well, Little Rock’s quite crowded with about two hundred thousand people, so you may want to look just outside the city for real estate, which may be hard to find. Well, why not take a drive for about 15 minutes northwest and take the Arkansas River Trail to find some excellent real estate near one of the suburbs of Little Rock known as Roland?

Finding Property

Finding the right property for your budget is a necessity, especially when you’re looking for land for sale. That’s where Waterview Estates can come into play, because they can offer over a hundred lots for less than $250,000 that you can get in a quiet and quaint gated community surrounded by wonder, nature, and scenery. Not only that, but they’re one of the only development communities that offers the ability to raise and train your very own horses in a community setting, and you can even get the ball rolling on the basketball courts, play a few matches with love of tennis, or hike their beautiful walking and horse trails too.

When it comes to being able to get the best for less, the properties don’t all cost that much and can be found on their website. They can cost as low as $64,000 in some parts, and you can have an entire acre at your fingertips. With the rising real estate market in Arkansas expected to reach another 10 percent higher in the next few years, it’s probably a good bet that you jump on it now and buy a good piece of land and even possibly one of their homes that they already have built in the area.

What About Other Real Estate Options Near Little Rock?

When it comes to finding excellent plots of land, you can expect to pay a lot more for worse locations. If you purchase some areas for less near little rock, you’re going to get a piece of land that may not be too bad, but won’t be very large either. Many of the lots that you’ll find for less anywhere else aren’t even a half an acre. That being said, you literally may have room to purchase it and build your home, but you won’t have a yard worth a squat for your family to play in. Even in the real estate market, this can depreciate the value of a home faster if you have no yard to associate with it, especially if you’re not in a bit city.


Waterview Estate has four different sections, and they’re just south of Roland, Arkansas, and barely northwest (about 10-15 minutes away) from The Rock, as well as be tucked away safely in a riverbed valley that doesn’t seem to be affected by even the flood of 2019 all that much!