Leo Box Office Collection Worldwide Day

Leo Box Office Collection

Leo Box Office Collection Worldwide Day:

October 25, 2023

Estimated: ₹450 crore

Leo has crossed the ₹450 crore mark worldwide in just five days of its release, making it one of the fastest-grossing Indian films of all time. The film has performed exceptionally well in India, where it has collected over ₹216 crore so far. It has also done well overseas, grossing over ₹234 crore.

Leo is expected to continue to perform well at the box office in the coming days, especially with the Dussehra holiday coming up. It is possible that the film could even cross the ₹500 crore mark worldwide by the end of its first week.

Here is a breakdown of Leo’s box office collection worldwide day by day:

Day India (₹ crore) Overseas (₹ crore) Worldwide (₹ crore)
1 64.80 140.00 204.80
2 35.25 47.77 83.02
3 39.80 53.51 93.31
4 41.55 58.27 99.82
5 35.00 78.27 113.27
Total 216.40 337.82 454.22


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