How to get Rangoli and Flower Stamps Google Pay

Rangoli and Flower Stamps Google Pay

WOW WOW WOW Google Pay is offering FREE 251 RS Cashback or more… Just do simple steps and earn 251 RS

Best and easy way to get Flower Stamps and Rangoli Stamps

Go To PaytM & Add Money Enter Any Amount 50, 70 or 100

Then you need to Pay through Google Pay UPI 

There are only 80% Chances to get Flower Stamps & Rangoli Stamps

Try your luck 5 Times more to get more stamps through PayTM, or if your Family members are using PayTM then you get easily 5 stamps also for your Family Member and every account earn is 251 or + amount.

I try 4 accounts mine, brother, and my 2 friends

1- Add any item from amazon/flipkart on min amount of 35 or more
2- Pay with bhim upi and in address add your Google pay address and pay it with google pay..

another way is you need to add money Amazon Pay or FlipKart to add 50 or 70 Rupees to get money, more way is add money Amazon Pay via Google Pay address to get Rangoli Stamps or Flower Stamp.