How to Become Successful in Your Career – 7 Practical Advice

How to become successful in your career – 7 practical advice

Everyone who came across a job search somehow wondered “Am I good enough?” These doubts torment not only those who have just graduated, but also experienced professionals with substantial experience under their belt. What to do to increase your chances for a job offer? How to behave to join the team and get a promotion?

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1. Be fully prepared

Remember, you will not have a second chance to make a first impression, so you should prepare for the first interview. On the eve, get acquainted with the company profile to ask relevant questions and show interest in the offer. Show management: do not be late for a personal meeting and, if you said that you will call back in 10 minutes, call back in 10, and not as you have to. Record key points of the interview – HR will certainly appreciate your responsible approach.

2. Stand out

People do not like proud chaps, but who will promote your person if you do not do it yourself? Talk about your achievements and accept praise with gratitude. Excessive modesty can render a disservice, and the most interesting tasks and suggestions will go to that which does not hesitate to demonstrate success.

3. Are you ready for team work?

Be prepared to lend your shoulder in a crisis situation, listen to the recommendations of colleagues and acknowledge their success. Share ideas and give feedback – then you will gain a reputation as a team player, which is now very much appreciated. Ask to attract you to projects where there will be an opportunity to work with other departments and teams. You will not only gain new knowledge and skills, but also build relationships with colleagues (see tip 4). The main thing is to objectively evaluate your workload and not overdo it with the amount of work.

4. Communicate

Positive relationships with colleagues and new contacts will help to work on a personal brand. Attend conferences and professional events, feel free to get acquainted and do not forget to keep in touch – the theory of six handshakes does not only work in everyday life.

5. Mind your manners

Politeness and respect for others are appreciated both in the office and beyond. Sometimes, not losing one’s temper seems like an unthinkable task – a blockage from different tasks, a difficult client, or simply a bad day can unbalance. However, professional and restrained behavior will help to earn the trust and respect of others.

6. Share your opinion

The contribution of each is of great importance, so you do not need to remain silent at meetings and meetings. Prepare in advance to sound confident and not be shy, write a small cheat sheet with a speech plan and do not avoid eye contact – sincerity and initiative is appreciated in any team.

7. Develop oneself

Moving is life! Improve your existing knowledge and develop new areas, stay competitive and progress, for example, attending offline and online courses, professional training, and continuing education programs. The learning process should not be interrupted so that you can carry the title of a true expert.

Best tips for a good resume

Of course, if you are good at writing and you do not need a writer to do the job for you, you can easily help yourself and no need to look for some cheap services and hire a person to get your paper done.

Recruiters are busy people. Therefore, the goal of your resume should be as soon as possible to show why you are the perfect candidate. For this reason, you must also indicate in the heading what position you are applying for, and the text of the resume should be stated concisely, thesis. There is no need to spread the thought on the tree into five pages of text – the recruiter simply does not have time to read such opuses. In the best case, s/he will not finish it to the end. At worst, it won’t take up reading at all, afraid of a large volume.

Write correctly. Even one typo can characterize you as a person careless, inattentive to details. So before sending again carefully re-read the written text. And if spelling and punctuation are not your strengths, you can additionally ask to read the resume of someone close.

And the last one. If you apply for positions in different companies, write under each separate resume. To create a template document and send it by mass mailing is a gross mistake that may cost you the desired position.

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