Hotter Side of Cute MTV Warrior High Girl Sanaya Pithawalla


Sanaya Pithawalla is an Indian model turned actress. She is also a dancer. She played the role of cute -simple Siyali Rajput in MTV’s Warrior High. Here presenting Hotter side of cute Mtv Warrior High Girl-Sanaya Pithawalla.1396_1297652510260444_543789410831758490_n
10290660_868601423165557_5893373975666717964_nTalking about her modeling career, she also participated in Miss Bunt World in 2010 wherein she won the title and later also participated in Miss Queen of India wherein she appeared as the first runner up for the same. This helped her to get into the said TV show from MTV and later was also the part of Bindas Show called Emotional Atyachar. 10418287_969479579744407_3592846988550159037_n
10445914_1022471777778520_5540442438180905638_nSanaya Pithawalla soon got another TV serial called Nagarjun wherein she had to play the character of a ekchadhari nagin. As far as her personal life is concerned, she is dating Anshuman Malhotra who has worked with her on the Mtv one of the popular show Warrior high.11403171_1182346865124343_1807844229787951714_n
11800566_1202715573087472_5777389211283114854_nSanaya and Anshuman potryed the character of Sayali and Utkarsh respectively in the show and they fell for each other right over there. Both the two portrayed friendship and unconditional love in the show. And seems like the same emotions has got seeped into their real life too. 12079525_1254653844560311_388126016536100337_n

When Anshuman was asked about the same, he said,  “We are just good friends. She is one of my bestest friends, but we aren’t dating. She is a fabulous girl and I love her, but there is nothing romantic between us.”