Guitars for Beginners – Which Should They Buy?

Guitars for Beginners which should they buy

Now that you have made up your mind to start learning guitar, congratulations! But which are the best guitars for beginners? Do you just buy any guitar and begin playing? Of course not! You need to find out a perfect guitar that is suitable for novices so that you can easily and fast. I know it can be a tough task for a beginner to choose the right guitar especially if you hardly know more about guitars. I’m here to ease your work by providing you with some important tips that will help you select the right guitar.

Which type of guitar is suitable for beginners?

There are a lot of opinions as to which guitar is right for starters. Basically, you can either go for an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. We will have a look at the two types of guitars to find out the most suitable for beginners.

Acoustic guitars

These are types of guitars that use vibrational energy on the strings to produce sound. They have an empty space that amplifies the sound. These guitars are available in nylon-stringed classical and steel-stringed acoustic guitars. Here are some advantages of acoustic guitars:

  • Do not require cables and amplifiers to play
  • They have a soothing and calmer tone
  • Once you are used to playing steel on an acoustic, you can do it well in electric too


Electric guitars

These guitars use pickup that converts the string vibration into electrical impulses. These signals are further amplified and sent to the loudspeaker. Electric guitars have the following advantages:

  • Easier to hold down the chords
  • The strings are softer as compared to acoustic strings
  • Learning chords is easier on an electric guitar
  • If you do not want them loud, you can plug headphones


Which one is better: electric or acoustic?

Choosing the type of guitar as a beginner will depend on your preference. It is great is you determine the type of music that you want to play and then select the best guitar that will meet your music needs. Generally, electric guitars have lighter strings which make them easy to play. However, if you start learning an acoustic guitar, you can be sure of becoming a pro guitar player. Visit best 10 gears


Other tips to keep in mind when buying a guitar for starters

  • Ensure that you get the right guitar size
  • Look for a guitar from a recognized brand
  • Do you want to buy a new or a second-hand guitar
  • Do not choose low priced guitars with huge value packages
  • Do not pick guitars with strings that are high and hard to play


Final Words

Choosing a perfect guitar for beginners is a personal decision. There are those who will find electric guitars easy to learn while others prefer acoustic guitars. Whichever type you choose, you can learn to play guitar if you get the right instrument. Basically, what a beginner wants is a quality guitar. This implies that purchasing a very expensive model will not make learning easy. If you are purchasing your first guitar, I would advise you to look for a model from $200-$600. You do not want to get low-quality guitars that will disappoint you. On the other hand, you also don’t want to break your bank when buying your first guitar. I hope you will find it easy to select the most suitable guitar and begin your guitar lessons in Toronto