Guide to Styling Different Formal Shoes Like a Pro

Guide to Styling Different Formal Shoes Like a Pro

A perfect pair of formal shoes plays a central role in boosting one’s first impression. Formal Shoes for men are every gentleman’s wardrobe essential. So, how about checking out the different styling tips to dress your formal shoes like a pro? So here you go!

Oxford – The Timeless Piece

Oxfords are that piece of formal shoes for men that you can wear with both formals and casuals. Ever since 1800, these shoes have been a mark of newer trends. If you love the low-top appeal of shoes, go for the traditional Oxford shoes. Now the question is how to identify them?

To simply put, you can recognize oxford shoes through their closed lacing feature. So, this means its lacing gets attached beneath the vamp. Although there are two materials (leather and suede), the colour variation is superb. For regular wear, go for either blue, dark red, brown, brown, or green! Don’t forget to pair it up with a bright and beautiful pair of socks.

Formal Shoes Like a Pro

A Monk Strap – The Laceless Piece

Think of a more formal pair of shoes to go well with your attire! And you get a monk strap readily available in the market today. It sports the same design philosophy as that of the Oxfords. However, it features a swath of leather (fastened with either double or single buckle finish) in front of these shoes.

Regarded as a unique type, this shoe went great with suits and cuffed jeans too. The leather-crafted ones go amazing for some occasions because of the decorative brogueing.

The Derby – Casual Dress Footwear

Also known as blucher or Gibson, these formal shoes for men were formerly known as hunting and sporting boots. Although their shapes are similar to Oxford shoes, their subtle difference is why they are outstanding.

One can wear derby shoes for formal and casual events (just like the Oxford footwear). However, their appeal is more casual. Thus, you may not be able to complement your formal look if you choose to pair your derby with it. You can alternatively team it up with rolled jeans and Chinos with comfortable socks!

The Loafer – A Gentleman’s Favorite

Who’d ever thought that these moccasin-inspired formal shoes for men are going to become a gentleman’s favourite’ in the 21st century? However, the original one was just a casual house slipper. But with various variations, loafers have gained a signature trait.

A loafer is made of soft material, and heels are made, keeping in mind the comfort of the wearer. Pairing it up with formal suits isn’t at all a bad idea. You can also go casual with it by choosing rolled jeans and some bright socks.

The Chelsea – The Ankle Boot

These formal shoes for men are the most versatile lace-less ankle-length boot. With rounded toes, these boots have elastic gussets and low heels. Chelsea shoes have a clean and slim shape, thanks to their absence of laces. Its dressier variant builds quarters and vamps in one piece of leather.

Although these pieces of footwear don’t have decorative embellishments, the simplicity is what makes them classy! Thus, casual and formal clothing styles both complement this style of shoes amazingly.