How to File Water Damage Insurance Claims Correctly? A Brief Guide

Water Damage Insurance Solution Claims

Not just floods or hurricanes can cause water damage to your home, leaking pipes, broken appliances or even improper land grading can lead to water flooding in a home, damaging the vital components and structures of the home. The accumulation of water for a long period of time could lead to the growth of mold and fungi. During the insurance filing process, an insurance company may send an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage.

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Tips to File an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim is considered as a tedious process because even minor errors can get your water damage claims denied. To help you get through the bothering process of filing water damage insurance claims, here are several tips to follow.

  • Before an adjuster visits your place, review your insurance policy to determine what is covered. Read your insurance policy carefully because problems arising due to aging, etc may not be covered in it.
  • You can take the picture of the damaged parts of the house from different angles to document everything thoroughly. However, in certain cases, you may require making necessary repairs before adjuster comes to visit your property. In that case, make only urgent fixes to stop flooding and keep a record of all expenditures on repairs.
  • Many home-owners make a mistake of waiting for the water to be removed before calling the agents. Contacting the insurance agents should be the first thing you should do after you have suffered a water damage. Cleaning up space could prevent your insurance company accepts the claim.
  • After visiting your place an insurance agent will ask for several things such as- prompt written notice explaining the cause of the claim, any repairs taken to protect the property from future damages, accurate record of all repair expenses, etc. Keep all these things ready before an insurance agent visits your property.
  • Prepare a list of the damaged items of your property such as appliances, carpets or furniture. Click photographs of the damaged items from different angles to support your claim. This will prove helpful to you in the long run.
  • If there is excessive water standing in your home damaging the expensive items, remove the water immediately. Before you clean up the space, take pictures to document the situation.
  • Prepare a log of all activities that have taken place. Keep all the facts and details handy in case your insurance company asks you for anything. Include the details of all the things that you have taken with repairs and clean-up process. Keep the receipts of the temporary repairs handy to provide evidence of your expenses.
  • Do no throw damaged materials or items unless your insurance agent asks you to dispose of them.

All these tips and tricks will surely help you get your water damage insurance claims granted.


How Can a Public Insurance Adjuster Help You?

If the process of property damage claims is bothering you, we advise you working with the public insurance adjusters. Public insurance adjusters work on the behalf of the policyholders and help them file insurance claims. They are licensed to work for businesses and individuals. Insurance adjusters handle claims for flood, smoke, wind, hurricane damage.

A public insurance adjuster handles the process of evaluating, estimating costs and submitting a claim for a policyholder. They perform the entire legwork to help their clients get the fair value for their claims. It is extremely crucial to submit an accurate and detailed claim to get the right amount of money from an insurance company. A public adjuster would help you make the claim so that home-owners can be granted a fair amount of money for the losses.

How to Find a Right Public Insurance Adjuster?

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There are a number of things to be kept in mind to ensure you hire the right public adjuster. Firstly, ensure that the adjuster that you are hiring should is legally licensed in the state in which he practices. A right adjuster would be happy to provide referrals to support his practice or work. Therefore, ask for references and contact them in case of need to know what of kind of services are being offered. Those were several useful tips that would help you choose a right public adjuster to handle your water damage insurance claims.

Get Help!

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