Experiment with the Developers Team by Incorporating Salesforce DX

Experiment with the Developers Team by Incorporating Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX comes with several special features like source driven development, unlocked packages and more. While source driven development helps in centrally controlling and managing the work and testing, problem-solving and all, unlocked packages also are of great help. They help in producing a process that is repeatable, trackable, and scriptable. This helps make changes to the org and manage them. Overall with such new tools and features, DX is a great solution for seamless software development.

The benefits of Salesforce DX tools

The tools help you conceptualize ideas and work on them to build the apps faster. Source driven applications help highly in managing versioning, applications, and environments.

Before DX came into existence, the best way to share an app was through the creation of an unmanaged package. And to work on the package, the necessity was to login to the Org. also after working on another org bringing those changes to the current working was difficult. The only option viable was manually copying the work. More difficulty was brought through the sorting of all changes everywhere, final changes made and all in the original org where lies the source of truth.

With the introduction of Salesforce DX, an unmanaged package can be converted into a DX project, which can then be stored in source control. Temporary changes can be quickly brought through a spun environment. Like this sync changes, other scratch org spinning, update make, all can be done by bringing the newly updated org to testing for the changes. Even the testing and checking for errors in the various versions of an app is fast and takes just minutes instead of several hours or days.

However before you change from old Salesforce to Salesforce DX, you will first have to evaluate with your developers team, if the new features and tools of DX really tempt you and interest you in making positive changes. Experienced teams like Flosum.com also came up this way with the change.

How to evaluate if DX is the right switch for the team

Different app dev teams will react differently towards an upgrade with Salesforce DX. The choices are governed by existing policies of the business, the tools currently used, and the skills of the workers. One team may find it useful in one way, while another may react in another way and use some other feature.

Some team may find the tools in connecting developers in release management systems. Some may use features for better investigation of package dev features. Some team may like the feature that helps use scratch org functions better. Some team may use the source driven dev for long-term plan making. In this way, a different part of DX can be explored, studied, and used by different team for different purposes.


You cannot access the Salesforce DX tools through an interface that is point and click design. Only IDE and CLI based places can have these tools. You may plan to upgrade or train your developers team with Salesforce DX trained workers. And that is how DX can be implemented into the system.