Digestion of Carbohydrates

Digestion Carbohydrates

It is a natural organic substance that includes cellulose, sugar and also starch. Carbs gives us energy which is required for the body. Sugar and starch are known bad but are not actually because starch is not responsible for putting bad effects over blood glucose and lipids.

So, it would wrong if we only call him wrong. The digestion is a bit hard but totally stands over the carb’s molecule structure and you must know how much hard the carb molecule, it would be much difficult for the body to digest it into bloodstream. Latest theory has been discovered over the absorption and digestion of dietary carbohydrates. It was known starches are hard to digest and it further becomes neutral bulking agents.


We can divide the carbohydrates further in four parts. First one is monosac chaaride like glucose and can be found easily in corn sugar. And is Fructose can be found in fruit sugar and galactose. This type is easy to digest. Second types are disaccharides or instance sucrose can be found in table sugar and also lactose can be found in milk sugar and maltose.

Also, these are easy to digest. Third one is polysacchartides like starch it needs longer time to digest. Fourth one is the hardest and complex and even called indigestible. The digestion speed lies on resistance level and chemical nature of the carbohydrates.

Further we can divide carbohydrates in two types natural and manmade. Natural carbs takes long time to digest but essential to consume because are gift of nature. Also, they have nutrient and fiber. Wild rice, fruits, red potatoes and beans is the best source of this kind.

Man made carbs are easy to digest because they hit the bloodstream fast comparison to natural carbohydrates. Because to get their final look they must have to go from so many processing methods. Some of the sources are mashed potatoes, cold cereals, Fruit juices, white bread and white rice.

Digestion Of Carbohydrates

Alcohol Carbs 

Alcohol has high amount of carbohydrates but some of the non alcoholic drinks also contains the carbs as in alcohol.

Vegetable Carbohydrates

Vegetable Carbohydrates

To create a balanced diet it is must to add carbs in moderate amount. They play vital role in giving energy to the body for doing the work properly.

Fruit Carbs

So many people love to eat Fruit because of their taste and nutritional values. Also, they are good source of carbs. You can have fruits in any way to love to eat either raw or can prepare a fruit chaat.

Functions of Carbohydrates

To promote health as well as Fitness one must eat carbs on regular basis. It helps to give strength and energy to the body.

Low Carb Unhealthy Snacks

Eating healthy foods are good option for body. You must eat 2 healthy snacks between the 3 regular meals.

Sources of Carbohydrates

Carbs are essential for body and can be easily found in fruits and some other food items.

Types of Carbs

There are two main kinds of carbs simple carbs and complex carbs.