Cross-Border Romance Story of Sania Mirza – Shoaib Malik

Cross-Border Romance Story of Sania Mirza – Shoaib Malik

We have seen the cross border love-story but only in movie, such as Veer Zara. Well the movie Veer Zara is something whoever watches it like anytime, will feel the moist eyes. Today we are here to tell you the Cross-Border romance story of Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik.

Two sports person of different countries or can say neighboring countries cum rival nations,
i e: India-Pakistan. Sania and Shoaib tied the knot in the year 2010 at a time when the relations between the two neighboring countries were not good, because of the Mumbai blasts of 2008 was still fresh. Instead of expected criticism, the two have gone from strength to strength in their relationship. Their fans of both the countries has always respected their decision and never commented anything negative.

Shoaib has been always a very supporting husband. It not what media is assuming. He is, and we can say this because in the year 2012 he gave the statement that

“I fully understand what it takes to be an international sports person and I will support Sania in her career as long as she wishes to play. Representing India at the 2012 Olympics is very important for her and I will be the proudest husband if she can win a medal for her country,” Shoaib had said.

Once Shoaib tweeted, [A long-distance relationship is] very, very, very difficult. It’s like a phone life with your best friend from different hotels and cities.

In a interview Sania was asked that staying diesnt affect the marriage? To this sania replied that staying away makes the relationship more stronger. Yes, we do spend a lot of time apart but that only makes the time we spend together even sweeter, quoted as Sania said.