Some Bright Ideas to Augment Website Traffic through Social Media

Some Bright Ideas to Augment Website Traffic through Social Media

People in business and marketers know about or probably heard of the fact that social media can help to get more leads to your website, but most of them don’t know how. Now 90% of the business owners who are on social media consider it as an essential tool for promotion, why?

The reason is that, for beginners, social media will help to build easy brand recognition and steadily foster a community around it. For growing businesses, social media help to improve the bottom line and engage more. At the next phase of the established company, social media will act as an instant and comprehensive communication channel for brands to lively in touch with their audience and get immediate responses.

By the end of 2018, the number of social media users across the globe is expected to cross 2.5 billion with more than 60% of it being active daily users. So, for brand administrators, there is no better way that it to connect to their most ideal audience.

Getting Started with Social Media

If you are aiming at preparing a blueprint of your social media strategy, one may tend to believe that the only options are like the social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. No doubt that these are fantastic options for all type of businesses and brands, but there are other worthy options too to explore like:

  • Reddit if you want to engage with a very dedicated community to showcase your subject matter experience in a specific industry.
  • Tumblr  To support the main website by creating a multimedia diary.
  • Pinterest Sharing visual content like images or infographics like Instagram, directly from your blog.
  • Snapchat Document and share behind-the-scenes videos of your business.

However, with many such social media platforms, offering a variety of features, how do you choose your focused ones?


Like any random marketing campaigns, basic of social media activities too is to achieve some specific goals and key performance indicators. With these only, you can measure the success of your work and determine whether the social media platform you are on is useful in your case. For example, there is no point in investing on Pinterest if your target persona isn’t active there.

Social media goals can be anything from merely generating leads to growing the number of followers to your brand. Whatever the goal is, the ongoing result a business marketer expects from social media campaigns is increased traffic to product or landing pages of the company website.

So, the question again is how to use social media effectively to help grow your business? The key is to drive traffic from Instagram followers and other platforms to your website. In this article, we will share some practical tips for the business marketers.

Tips to get more traffic to a website through social media

  1. Make sure the URL is visible

Almost all social networking platforms give you the option to share the website or page URLs. Make sure that you utilize this opportunity to make your URL or link to your website visible on your profile bio or other available sections. It now only will give you legitimacy, but also will direct the visitors to initiate their next course of action to visit your website.

  1. Share the posts

You may be publishing many articles through blogs. Whenever you do it, instantly share it through your social channels too which will ultimately get it reached to more and bring back more traffic to your web pages. This helps to not only enhance SEO but also encourage engagement and result in more people responding to your posts.

While doing it, don’t forget to track your post performance and see which all or what types of posts perform the best.  Google Analytics may help you in doing it, and it will ultimately help you devise your next content strategies accordingly.

  1. Make a complete and alluring profile

The first thing people see about you on social media page is your business profile. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, your profile is the key to share your business information with the visitors. As discussed above, with an alluring profile and a link there to redirect customers to your web page, it is very much possible to increase traffic to your site. As per a study, social media is found to drive in 31% of all the referral traffic to websites. You may get a fair slice of this action by adding relevant backlinks to the site.

Such backlinks not only will the followers a chance to click through and explore your website in detail, but you can generate leads by getting another visitor also connected to your site and so on. So, ensure that you prepare a professional profile within the limits of all your social media profiles and update it from time to time.

  1. Guide people to your site for answers

If you are trying to promote your brand through social media, then slowly you will start getting queries through it. It’s a good idea to refer people to your website for the right answers.

Say for example:

Q: What time your shop is open? Action: Link them to your contact page displaying business hours.

Q: Is this product in stock? Action: Forward to the product page.

Q: Where is your location? Action: Direct them to access the Google map integrated into your website.

Q: Can you help me in resolving this problem? Direct to the support or Q&A page.

You may think creatively while handling such questions and always try to redirect their urge for more information to possible results.

Some other specific tips by expert also include

  • Promoting blog content using social media
  • Host a contest and invite followers to come to the website to participate.
  • Use images effectively on image-based social media platforms to drive in traffic.
  • Effectively embed a call to action to all social media posts
  • Prepare all types of your web content easy to share through social media
  • Rely on analytics and post where your audience is more active.
  • Find out the best time to post through trial and error and make a schedule.

There is no doubt that using social media effectively is an excellent strategy for brand recognition, but if you act a bit more intelligently, it can also give your website a boost in terms of traffic and SEO value.