Backlinks Tracker, Why It’s The New Trend in the SEO Industry

Backlinks Tracker, Why It's The New Trend in the SEO Industry

SEO is the on-going trend in recent years. Though it’s a never-ending process industry is willing to showcase their business on the digital platform and willing to maintain their presence. And now, SEO is of two types. On-page and Off-page. On-page SEO pretty much one-time job and doesn’t require much attention all the time once everything is setup. But Off-page is the key, it is important and continuous process. What’s very important in off-page SEO? It’s Link building.

Link Building is one of the most famous and used tasks to improve the page ranking by getting the other webpages to return to your website. We usually get in touch with different other sites and get approval to enter your website link on their website, so that when people visit their website, interested people can access yours just by clicking the link. There are again two different types of links. One is Do-follow links and the other one is No-follow links. Do-follow links are not just about the visibility, they also pass on their domain strength and authority to yours. Whereas, No-follow links are no of very much use. So, we understand the prominence of why Link Building is important. There are so many paid and free sites, where you have the information of sites where you can link your site by registering or by posting about your business. Here are some of the Important types, where you can get started with Link Building:

  1. Blog Creation:

    Content has always been the best source to attract users. A consistent posting of unique content can give an internal backlink. A blog is an absolute survival in this competitive online environment.

  2. Internal Linking:

    Internal Linking can increase your page time. It’s a technique where linking the web pages within the website to take users to the other pages. But the website should have the most interesting content for this. Otherwise, the user might not be interested to visit further.

  3. External Linking:

    In this procedure, you need to get in touch with others to put your website URL on their page. Reach out to all your business contacts and ask for help. You can also help them by adding their URL on yours. Give and take, you know.

  4. Free Websites:

    There are so many sites in the market, who have the entire list who provide free backlinks. You can start with them, by posting your details on those sites. Make it a practice to increase the list day by day.

  5. Niche-Specific:

    A Backlink from a Niche-Specific URL can add the best advantage possible. For Example, if you sell sports goods, you can get the backlink from a sports-related website, which improves the domain authority.

There are many other things like article submission, directory submission, local directory, Guest posting and many more. And as mentioned earlier, there are many sites you can get the information on all these websites, where you can post your business details. But how do you track how many links you’ve submitted every day, how many got approved, how many got disapproved, the reason for the disapproval, how those backlinks are affecting your domain status. Woah Woah sounds a lot to keep a track on right? Don’t worry, we’e got the best solution for it. Read through for more details:

Link Tracker Software is the ultimate solution for the above scenarios. They take care of the end to end requirements of monitoring all the backlinks that you’ve created. How do they help exactly? Let’s see:

  • Ranking: Once a backlink is created, there can be possible changed in the page ranking. This software helps you to detect the ranking.
  • Rank Toxicity: The rankings are not always meant to go higher. This software helps you to monitor the change in the ranking.
  • Ranking History: You can also observe the ranking curve for all your keywords through these.
  • Global Ranking: You can see the performance of these keywords globally. You can segregate them based on locations and scan the performance.
  • Dashboard: And the best thing is their dashboard. They simplify the experience of trackers. Here you can simply access all your keywords, backlinks generated and their performance within one click.

Backlink Trackers gives the more comprehensive experience of all your efforts, which helps you to understand which type of backlinks are suitable for your business, and gives an idea about good and bad practices. Pretty cool, huh? Now go ahead and align your tracking.