Anarkali Suits Wearing Tips for Your Amazing Looks

Anarkali Suits Wearing Tips for Your Amazing Looks

Anarkali Suits – As it is said, clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. Indeed a proper sense of clothing comes from the person wearing it. Embracing each curve and delightfully shaping the personality are the essential components of dressing.

What to wear to an Indian exquisite dress for the special occasion? Anarkali, the name is derived from the very popular Mughal character Anarkali love of Salim during Akbars reign. Mughals back then were rigid with their rules of dressing, like, long kurtas and churidar pajamas for males and long flair suits for females. The fashion sense can be seen in the movie Mugl- e- azam where the veteran actress Madhubala (Anarkali) wore in the song pyaar kia toh darna kya

Anarkali Salwar Suits not only makes you look fabulous but also gives you an inch of elegance.

Beautiful colours and the historic appeal of Anarkali suit can be seen on a wide scale where we witness celebrities making appearances in different styles of Anarkali suits.

Keep in mind these small yet useful tips while carrying Anarkali Salwar Suits. Have a look.

1. Type of Anarkali that suits your Height

Although, Anarkali suits gel well with any body type but choosing the right kind of outfit which boosts the look is most important. Women with tall height should consider the knee length or ankle length Anarkali suit where as women with comparatively short height should consider floor length along with high heels to grace the overall look.

2. Weight problem? Anarkali suit is the solution

It becomes intriguing when the style you choose doesn’t compliment your body. Well don’t lose your heart, Anarkali suits are meant for you. Lean or not, size zero or not, the most friendly attire Anarkali suit does not question you at all.

Full sleeves Anarkali suit

Considered well for women with lean arms and thin waist. Slightly fitted from the chest and a long graceful flair to compliment yourself.

Cut sleeves Anarkali suit

Considered well for women with curves. It forms the flair which gets in tone with your body so that you can embrace each curve in style!

3. Neck of Anarkali suit

The first impression formed by any person is how they have styled their attire. With style, we mean neck. The only part visible at a glance when you greet someone at a social gathering is the neck. So styling the collar is necessary to seal the stare in one go.

High neck with embroidery

Choli style kadhai

Jacket style neck work

Are some of our top rated neck styles?

4. Shoulders of Anarkali suit

The second primary focus a person notices are your shoulders. The trendy shoulder styles are ruling the net. Cold shoulders have entered the designing era making the attire more attractive.

5. Back of Anarkali suit

Backs are most visible when they give a hint of attraction, without the need for you to look straight at a person. The magical magnet of back styles in an Anarkali suit makes it sexier.

Some of the favorite patterns are:

The evergreen Dori style

Drop cut back/keyhole back

Have a different style of back, please share with us.

6. Flair of Anarkali Suit

Flair is the hidden component in designing the Anarkali suit. Everyone has a different choice of talent, and the flexibility lies in the amount of flair one needs. From a single layer of flair to multiple layers, Anarkali suits pictures a great persona in every style.

The single flare can be considered by woman with curves whereas multiple flair can be considered by woman with lean arms and waist to fill more volume.

7. Shoes and accessories

Believe it or not, a look is not complete without proper footwear and blings to go along with it.

Woman with short height with high heels looks equally beautiful with a tall height woman with flats. This doesn’t mean quick woman wear heels and the tall woman doesn’t. Heels go apt with all attires from Indian to western. Jab different styles with your Anarkali suit to make a statement head to toe like mojris, flats, and even platforms.

Accessorizing the full attire is another element to add extra shine. Accompany the outfit with accessories like pasha, a proper Mughal look or even a matha Patti or a bold.

Big chand balas or chandeliers and a light neckpiece. A perfect shaadi look.

And for a more straightforward look, replace matha Patti with a bindi and no neckpiece, exquisite yet deadly!

Adorn the versatile Anarkali suit with soft colors for summer and bright colors for winters. Be it a day function or a night function, Anarkali Suits look the best in every way. Consider the look ten on ten every time you step out and make a difference.

Get inspired or be an inspiration, the choice is upto you!

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