An Ultimate Guide to Business Management

An Ultimate guide to business management

When we talk about Business Management, we often tend to reminisce about those days when our professors in schools and colleges used to lecture and teach us about the theoretical aspect of business management and we often ignored their lectures or were engrossed into ourselves.

The day we stepped out into the corporate world, we realized the fact that Business Management is one of the key aspects, a person needs to build in order to achieve more and climb up the ladders of success in the cutting-edge competition.

Planning is the Key to Success

In a study conducted by BLS (US Bureau of Labour Statistics), it was observed that only 25% of the new companies cross the threshold of fifteen years and more. Why is the statistic so depressing? It is because most of these businesses fail to have an executable vision in place, a plan to guide them forward, a plan to ensure longevity, and a plan to tackle major hustles.

A Business is like a Ship. It needs a captain to steer it clear of icebergs. However, most of the businesses lack the same and they end up digging a hole for their business.

Effective Communication drives the Plan

What’s the point of having a plan when it is not communicated to the team members? Findings from the Holmes report state that Companies with leaders having a command over their communication skills produced a 47% higher returns on the investments.

Hence, having a strong and effective chain of communication plays a very important role when it comes to driving success. This ideology also surrounds the employees of the business as they are the lifeline of the Business.

Workforce – Lifeline of the Business

Working with the right people is a very important aspect of any Business. Your team must be on the same page as you, both personally and cumulatively because long-term success can never be achieved with a faulty workforce.

Finding the right kind of people, who see the vision you’ve put forward in front of them is difficult but not impossible.

According to a study, 23% of small businesses fail due to not finding the right blend of people. Look for the Wild Ones, not the toppers in the batch but the dedicated ones, those who’ll put there all and you’ll find a passionate team to work with.

Brainstorming leads to Vibrant Enthusiasm

The right Plan, effective communication, and the right team will lead the business to a certain length only. However, not all uncertainties can be matched with this approach. Creativity and Innovation are a must and that is where brainstorming plays an important role.

19% of small businesses don’t succeed due to competition and another 42% fail due to improper product and service research.  Hence, if you do not know what to do in spite of the plan you had devised earlier, take a step back, reach out to your beloved team, do the groundwork, brainstorm more ideas and realities and start with it, again.

Plan Your Cash Outflow

How many times did you do a rundown of your business finances, only to realize that the cash flow is not enough? Yes, Cash flow is an important aspect, which most business owners tend to ignore. A study denotes that 29% of small businesses run out of cash and lose their way.

An effective Business Plan addresses this problem and tends to find out the optimum solution. Plus, keeping a record of cash flow is not very difficult either. Just maintaining daily documentation, utilizing the resources to the fullest, ensuring your debtors pay you in time, can do the trick.

Debt in Collection

Bad debts have always been a major reason for business failure. Before you become one of them, reach out to a Debt Collection Agency NYC and they will surely help you out with finances against the debt owed to you.

Yes, there is a ray of hope as these agencies will help you realize your doubtful debts, too. However, the feasible solution is to take control of your debts before you have to call for third-party assistance.


So, what are you waiting for? You have gotten all the motivation and inspiration you need. If you’re still only reading this and not applying it, your business won’t take off. However, it’s evident that you do not want that.

Apply these techniques and make sure you pass it on to other business owners, too as the more you share, the more you learn, and running a business is just like riding a bicycle, only the correct technique rewards the best!