9 Fun Things to Do with Friends Make Your Friendship Stronger

9 Fun Things to Do with Friends Make Your Friendship Stronger

Having fun with friends is one of the most cherished moments in our lives. Those fun activities make each of the moments we spend special and we remember those for the rest of our lives. Those moments also bring a smile to our face. When our friends are around, it automatically creates a lot of fun moments. But if you are looking for some more fun or some guidance to enhance the fun quotient, there are a lot of things to do which can be found on other similar blogging sites. We have crafted some of the fun things in this article. So, lets get into the main topic without further ado.

9 Fun Things to Do with Friends

Below are the fun things you can do with your friends. These fun things can enhance the bond between you and your friends. So, if you want the time that you spend with your friends to get warmer and more enjoying, following are the things you should do.

Would You Rather Questions

This is an extremely fun game which can enhance the fun quotient during your interaction and time with friends. The Would You Rather questions are the set of questions you throw to your friends to get an answer. Here, you already give them two answers and they have to choose one between those two. So, basically, they are telling that I am choosing rather thanĀ  or the vice versa. This is fun and also gives an overall idea of the answerer psychology.

A Potluck Dinner Party

You can host a dinner party and invite all your friends. Well, as you can see, it would not be a regular dinner party! You need to ask your invited friends to bring a dish at the party to share with the other invitees. You should cook as well. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with cooking, try and learn how to cook along with your friends.

A Movie Marathon

Log into the Netflix and watch each and every episode of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Stranger Things with your friends. Otherwise, you can also have an 80s movie marathon and watch the old favorites like The Princess Bride, Back to the Future, Terminator, etc. If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, avail their free trial only for the night with your friends.

Go for a Picnic

Going for a picnic is one of the oldest yet authentic way of having fun with friends. Find a place and host a picnic with your friends. Hang out with your pals, watch people, play outdoor games, and enjoy the companionship along with the scenic beauty of the place.

An Organization Party

One day of each weekend should be set up for going to each of your friends house and helping them clean out something of their house such as a room, closet, garage, or kitchen. After the cleaning process, have foods and drinks among yourselves for a fun time.

A Surprise

Sure, we usually give our friends a present on their birthdays and during the holidays. But giving your friends a gift out of the blue will make them feel that they are loved and let them know that you think of them every day. Good gift ideas can range from very small trinkets or tokens, their favourite drink, or something homemade. A good example of a personalised homemade gift could be painting a blank nesting doll for them. You can find these dolls, your friends would appreciate the effort that goes into painting something from scratch for them.

Concerts in the Park

Go for the concerts in the Summer. Many parks host free concerts during the Summer and you can go there with your friends and have a blast. Hang out, bring the picnic dinner. This is one of the most prominent ways to chill out with friends at the night after a busy day at work.

Play Board Games

Playing board games is one of the most efficient ways of gelling up with your friends and have a great time together. Bring out the Scrabble or Yahtzee or Cards. Create large groups or small ones and play games and hang out with friends. You can hold a tournament and compete against one another which will certainly result in enhanced fun.

Video Game

Everybody likes to play video games. When you are with your friends, plan a video game party where you will play your favorite video games along with your best buddies. Games like Call of Duty or PUBG will make the bond stronger among your friends and create an enormous fun moment when you can enjoy the competition.

Go for Fishing and Camping

Going for a camping can be one of the best ways of refreshment with your friends. You are going to enjoy each and every moment you spend with them. While you are going for camping, make a plan of fishing as well since it is a great fun and passes time.

If you want your friendship to last, you need to do more than just hanging out with them. The above activities strengthen the bond you and your friends share. If you are capable of successfully organizing and conducting these activities, you will get a great space and fun in your friendship. Remember, life is far more than just the boring everyday routine. So, you need to make your friendship worth it.