7 Reasons Promo Videos Can Be So Persuasive

Promo Videos

Marketing and promotion have advanced significantly in the digital era. The techniques that were unheard of since before last decade have become easy and convenient methods to promote one’s idea or product or service.

The technological ease and accessibility have made it possible to interconnect individuals globally. A number of brands and organizations are turning towards digital and internet marketing as a way of promoting themselves. This method is a proven way of touching a large number of viewers or audience easily.

One of the methods to promote and market digitally is video marketing.

The success rate of this form of promotion is higher since: –

  • 82% of Twitter users see video content.
  • Approximately 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube.
  • Video content is shared the most on social media platforms.
  • Videos of up to 2 minutes at least receive the most viewers’ engagement.

Additionally, here are seven reasons why one should opt to promote their product through video marketing:

  1. Promo videos ensure higher consumer engagement

Promo videos templates help in retaining consumer’s attention for a longer period. The longer a viewer stays on your video, the more it is advantageous for your brand.

Videos help the viewers in connecting to the short-lived experience. The audience may relate to the whole idea in a much live manner. Therefore, promo videos help in advertising better for your brand.

  1. Extensive space to develop and execute an idea

In a promo video, the creator has access to large space as well as scope to present their idea or product or service in the most optimal manner.

The creator has the liberty to experiment with various approaches to promote his product. It gives him different ideas to reach in the heads of the consumers easily. Thus, brands must go for promotions.

  1. A product demonstration can be performed smoothly

If your product has stages of uses or if your service requires tutorial or basic understanding, then promo videos are the way to go.

For example, you create an application to design logos for YouTube channels or a YouTube video editor. You will have to provide basic steps for the users to utilize the app in the best possible ways.

It does not matter if you create the best software- if your users are not able to use the app, then it could be disastrous for your brand.

Therefore, to approach in a more utility-friendly way, brands must prefer to promote using video marketing.

  1. Creative tools enable the creator to promote his brand innovatively

Promo videos can be created in catchy and capturing manners. The creator has complete creative liberty to make a brief interaction of the product with the viewers through a video.

An innovative or unique presentation always garners the viewer’s attention. In this way, the brand leaves a mark on the minds of the target audience.

The creator can make intro for free using various tools and apps that are available online. For example, one such app available online is InVideo. It facilitates a number of video editing tools that can help the user customize the video in the manner they want.

  1. Limited interaction time window with the consumers

It is often seen that viewable video content garners more attention than readable blog posts. The brand cannot bank on the reading skills of the audience. Even commonly, a user tends to skip longer blog posts or articles.

Thus, while promoting the brands have a limited interaction window with the audience. This becomes a crucial part as the objective of wider reach is dependent on this factor. The promo video can reach masses in large numbers with the help of SEO tools. Placement of the right keywords in the video title is the key to do so.

It could be argued that a readable blog can be ignored easily; viewing is a lot more effortless than reading. This brings us to the factor of ‘lazy buyers.’

Promo videos are excellent in reaching the lazier bunch in your targeted audience. Thus, this window should be used tactfully and creatively. Gathering the attention of lazy buyers requires additional creativity and efforts. Therefore, it cannot be risked with plain texts and never-ending paragraphs.

  1. Longer retention period

It is estimated that humans retain 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they view, but they can recollect up to 70% of what they hear and see combined.

One can even quote the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. If a picture carries the worth of a thousand words, then one can comprehend how many words can be conveyed via a video.

Consumers retain what they have viewed and heard repeatedly. It is an advertising technique in which the ad is played numerous times in a day. This is done to hook the product in the minds of the audience.

Promo videos have this advantage. Viewers tend to remember what they have seen rather than what they have heard or read. Therefore, this could be a useful tool to establish consumer loyalty towards your brand.

  1. Provides a humanized approach to the brand

Through promo videos, the creator can recreate the customer testimonials in the forms of enacted stories. The consumers would be able to connect to it in a better way.

The use of voices, faces and stories humanizes the brand completely. When people are able to relate to the video, it sticks with them for a longer period of time.

The ultimate aim of the promo video should be to engage the viewer for that particular period of time. The impact will be seen only after that.