6 Signs That You Are A Demisexual

6 Signs That You Are A Demisexual

Are you a person who needs to have an emotional bond with someone before even thinking about getting physically intimate with them? If yes, then you might be a demisexual person. Want to know what demisexuality actually is? Keep on reading to find out more

1. Hot and Sexy What it means for you


On one side where many people associate hot and sexy with a body or a good physic, your definition for these words are quite different. A person nature, attitude and their personality is what you find attractive in them and not how they look. A clean heart is what matters to you more.

2. You like someone? Big Deal


When you like someone it is actually a big deal. You try to look for meaningful relationships and that is what holds you from getting intimate with someone quickly. You take time to bond with people and it does not happen quickly. You have high regards for emotions (yours as well as others). You do not hesitate to go beyond your boundaries if you think that you have finally found the right type of person for you. You value loyalty, respect and trust and if you think you have that sort of person in your life that you do no shy away from expressing your emotions in front of them.

  1. Full of fantasies!

You would love to be with a person who loves your soul more than your body. If you get intimate with someone, you want to have a deeper level of connection with them emotionally first. Sometimes people confuse being demisexual with being asexual which is just not true in any way. You have lots of fantasies (some of them dirty too!) which you would love to share with your partner given that you both love each deeply and care for each other.

  1. Not afraid of commitments!

You are not scared of committing to someone. It is just that the person should be worthy enough. If you think you have found the perfect person for you then you would not waste any time before giving your commitment to them. It takes time for you to get close to a person but once you know them inside out and what kind of a person they are, then you do not shy away from being with them.

  1. Demisexual does not equal to prude

Sometimes it is hard for your friends to understand your way and think that you are weird if you refrain yourself from getting yourself physically intimate with just anyone. They find it hilarious that you cannot flirt with a person you barely know. Â All your tries to make them understand your point of view has gone in vain. This is the reason you are often labeled as a rude.

6. Friendship first

Happy Relationship

You need to make a person your friend before going into a relationship with them. This is just how you work. You feel more comfortable if you know a person as a friend before getting intimate with them.

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