6 Signs It’s Time to See a Neurologist

6 Signs It's Time to See a Neurologist

The human body consists of many nerves, perhaps millions and millions of neurons that connect with each other in a web-like fashion from end to end to form thin spindle-like webs that identify the various stimuli in the environment and convert them to electrical impulses and transport them to the brain.

These electrical impulses are decoded and a specific response is sent back via the nerves. So each time a person touches something hot or cold, so many things are happening in the background. Best Neurology Hospital in Delhi has neuro specialists that help in deciphering various nerve-related issues that can cause a lack of motor functions and abilities in a human being.

They are broad of three types – issues relating to the nervous system, issues relating to the spinal cord, and issues relating to the brain. These three form the pillar of the nervous system in the human body.

Neurological Problems in Human Beings

There are many kinds of neurological issues that can be encountered in the human body. Most of these issues are genetic, modified genetics due to various issues (such as age, gender, weight, and lifestyle) or because of an accidental injury.

Neurological issues are a broad category of disorders that range from headaches to acute spinal cord injury or brain tumors. Identifying a specific issue at the outset and seeking medical help from one of the best neurology hospitals in Delhi can be of great importance. The earlier the disorder is diagnosed, the better it can be treated and recovered from.

Knowing and identifying an issue as early as possible can help in better treatment and recovery from the disorder. Although some disorders have a long recovery process and some have a prolonged treatment course that may require lifelong management, it is still better to be early diagnosed so that the quality of treatment is better.

Common neurological issues that are faced by human beings are mentioned below:

● Migraines
● Alzheimer’s
● Epilepsy and Seizures
● Stroke
● Brain Tumours
● Spinal Cord Injuries
● Herniated Disks
● Parkinson’s Disease
● Dementia or Cognitive Decline

These are some of the neurological issues that can affect any human being based on their health condition. It is important to note that most disorders have no proper explanation of why they affect some people. Therefore being aware of the symptoms is the only way of managing the disorder.

Signs you must see a Neurologist

Below are some of the unusual symptoms which can suggest that it is time to get these symptoms evaluated by a neurologist:

1. Chronic Headaches

They may be indicative of migraines or an impending brain tumor.

2. Dizziness, Loss of consciousness, and Stiffness

They are indicative of epilepsy and seizures in patients. Coupled with a lack of motor functions can be also an indication of a stroke.

3. Sudden Unconsciousness

Could be due to a stroke.it is imperative to get to the emergency room and be provided with immediate medical attention.

4. Loss of motor functions

Could be indicative of Parkinson’s disease or a stroke.

5. Loss of memory and confusion

Could be a sign of the early onset of Alzheimer’s or Cognitive Decline also known as Dementia.

6. Numbness

Could be indicative of nerve pain or a stroke. Immediate medical attention may be required

These are some of the common signs that must not be neglected by patients. It is always safe to evaluate these symptoms especially if they last over a few days or weeks.