6 Factors To Consider Before You Buy a Gold Necklace

6 Factors To Consider Before You Buy a Gold Necklace

For years now Indian women and their love for adorning jewelry is well known. It is nearly impossible to find a woman who doesn’t love buying jewelry, and when it comes to Indian traditions, women buy gold jewelry not just to beautify themselves but also as an instrument of security. With so many options available these days, it’s confusing to make a good pick. So before you decide to jump the guns and invest into buying a new gold necklace consider the following factors.

  1. Occasion: This plays a pivot role in the decision making of the kind of Jewellery you want to purchase.
  • Wedding: If the occasion is wedding, then there is a lot of sentiments and emotional factors attached to the bridal Jewellery. It marks the new chapter in any girl’s life and she wants to look at her best on this day. Having said that, often people get carried away and invest into gold haram set which are heavy. Later on these go into the locker to sit and not being used often. We suggest instead of one, pick two lighter weight gold necklaces with big pendants of different lengths and you can team them up together on the wedding day for a grand look.
  • Festivals: For family get-togethers, family functions, anniversary celebrations or for traditional festivals and ceremonies, we suggest you buy long haram designs of paisley, lotus, temples etc These complement well the silk saris and kurtis worn.
  • Casual Wear: If you wish to wear gold necklaces for casual outings, birthday parties or office gatherings, then you will find an array of light weight gold haram design with price and weight online to pick. These come with single or double delicate gold chains with dangling pearls or stylish pendant studded with precious or semi-precious gem stones.

2. Length of Necklace: The length of the gold necklace you chose depends on the neckline of your outfit. If the neckline of your dress is V shape, then it’s advisable to pick a necklace with a Y-shape. A long haram design with a simple pendant does justice to a collar neck blouse or kurti. If you are a fan of boat neck designs, which are trending these days, then layered long gold necklace is the best pick. You can explore the gold necklace designs catalogue online or in store to decide on the suitable length of the gold necklace. Few gold necklaces come with an adjustable chain to lengthen or shorten the necklace length as you desire.

3. Budget: This is the most important factor to consider while making your pick. You may like necklaces with extravagant designs but those may not fit your budget. Before you start looking for options, always fix the upper cap of your budget, this ensures that while you are in the buying process you know exactly how much you can spend. From gold necklace designs in 10 grams to gold haram designs in 40 grams everything is available now-a-days. Many jewelers specialize in making light weight necklaces which upon finishing give a grandeur look.

4. Gold Haram Designs: A beautifully crafted gold necklace can transform you into a diva and make you stand out in the crowd. It’s a growing trend to team one’s festive outfit or sari with a heavy gold necklace leaving the earrings out. The top pick designs for women are as below:

  • Rani Haram: If you want to oomph a regal look, then rani gold haram is the best pick. It is usually mid-length to long haram with intricate gold designs of motifs with a big broad pendant to complete the signature look. These may also be studded with polkis, ruby, emerald etc..
  • Antique Necklace Antique necklace holds a special place down South. The temple design, peacock design, mango motifs finished with a matt dark tone or brightly colored enamel, add an ancient mystic look to the jewelry.
  • Layered Necklace A layered gold necklace studded with stones is the most sought after necklace design these days. Available in two, three or even five steps these convey style and comfort. Jewelers these days are offering layered necklace with an option to interchange the studded stone of different colors.

5. Buy Back Option: Almost all leading jewelers these days give you a buy back option, wherein you can exchange your old jewelry items for new ones. The trends, pattern, designs may change but the value of this precious metal remains same. While you will get 100% buy back option for gold, for precious stones like emeralds, rubies etc there may be a reduction in the buyback percentage. So it’s imperative to clarify this at the time of purchase. To make sure that you don’t face problems in future while exchanging the necklace, buy a necklace in its purest form that’s 24k with hallmark.

6. Purchase Option: With all the leading jewelers having their online portal, buying gold jewellery online has become the most preferred option. With a click, thousands of designs and patterns can be viewed and compared. One can also visit the stores to explore the option.

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So, whenever you decide to shop for a gold necklace do keep in mind the above factors and chose a trust worthy brand like Vaibhav Jewelers for an exceptional and satisfying buying experience.