5 Reasons why Two Sisters are known as the Bestest Friend!


1. Sisters know each and everything about each other. They know each others likes and dislikes, even favorite underwear brands too. They share the deepest secrets with each other which they cannot share even with their mates whom they address as friends or best friends. Two Sisters share some amazing type of bond. They will never admit nor realize that they are bestest friends.

2. Sister cares for each other like a mother, doesn’t matter who is elder and who is younger. If someone tries to hurt any of them, the person have to face a consequences. Sisters always support each other and stand by each other, whether its a situation of playing cupid or protecting one as a bodyguard even if two had fight yesterday.

3. Without saying anything they speak a-lot. A sister can read the face of other sister. From the face they can make out if something is wrong. Sometimes mother fails to figure out whats wrong but a sister never fails. She will go in deep to find whats bothering her sister and tries to find the best solution of it. As said, they know each other very deeply.

4. The best time two sisters spend is night. They share how their day was and happenings. And while talking to each other the cuddle into each other and sleep. No matter how scared they are of ghosts but they will watch horror movie alone, and you can imagine what happens next.

5. They never mind sharing clothes, shoes, hair accessories etc, and that is the best part of sisters relation. Friends do mind sometime but sisters never!