4 Great Reasons to Invest in Designer Shoes

Designer Shoes

While most of us love a bargain, there’s something quite exciting about investing in a designer piece of fashion, too. And, designer wear tends to be more cost-effective over time; if you get the right item that’s versatile and goes with anything, you can expect it to be a trusty go-to that lasts for a much longer time than the cheaper versions. If you’re on the fence about investing in designer shoes, here are some of the top reasons why it’s a great idea to take the plunge.

Better Quality:

You simply can’t deny the better quality of designer, more expensive products. If you have better quality shoes, they will last you longer. A pair of boots or heels, for example, simply won’t give you that same level of quality if you paid pennies for them. And, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can have in your closet for years and always turn to, designer brands are your best bet. Otherwise, you’re just going to keep beating up cheap shoes and having to buy new ones.

Lower Cost Per Wear:

Buy Designer Shoes

While you might pay more upfront for a nice pair of Gucci shoes, over the long term, they are actually often cheaper compared to buying high street options. Cost per wear takes the overall cost of the shoe and divides it by the total times that you wear them. When you buy a pair of designer shoes, you might pay more for them at the start, but you’re likely to wear them many more times compared to a $10 pair, which you might need to regularly rebuy because they simply don’t last. So, if you thought designer shoes were just plain expensive, think again. And, even better if you can save on the initial cost when buying from an online outlet store like SSENSE, which has a wide range of designer shoe options to choose from, including Gucci shoes and more.


While it might not be true for every single designer shoe out there, well-made shoes do tend to be more comfortable than their cheaper counterparts. They allow you to physically wear them for longer without getting uncomfortable or being in pain; you’re more likely to be able to dance all night in a good pair of designer heels compared to cheap ones. How long you’re wearing the shoes and what for might mean that you can’t avoid some discomfort, but don’t make it worse by wearing cheap shoes.

Finish Your Look:

4 Great Reasons to Invest in Designer Shoes

A nice pair of designer shoes can take your entire outfit and turn it into something stunning even if you’re wearing a $20 dress or top. If you don’t splash out on designer clothes and tend to wear high street clothes, a pair of designer shoes can take your outfit to the next level and leave people in disbelief when it comes to how little you actually paid for your clothes.

If you’re thinking about investing in designer shoes, there are definitely many great reasons to.