4 Bollywood Celebrities Eloped To Get Married!

  1. Asha Bhosleashabhoslesep7

When Asha Bhosle was 16 year teen girl she feel in love with a man named Ganpatrao who was 31 year old, in other words he twice of her age or more. Ganpatrao was Lata Mangeshkar’s personal secretary. Asha’s parent did not gave approval to this relationship, hence she eloped from home to be with her love but soon she came back as nothing worked up to her expectations. Later she married  to renowned music composer R.D. Burman in 1980.

2. Sohail Khan and Seema Sachdevsohail-khan-wife-3

Sohail Khan fell in love with Seema Sachdev. As both were from different religion, parents did not gave approval and hence duo eloped to get married in the year 1998. After that Sohail Khan made a directional debut with film named pyaar kiya toh darna kya. Nowadays rumors states that Sohail Khan is dating Huma Qureshi.

3. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singhtumblr_inline_nq81c5ikei1twuglv_1280

Saif Ali khan eloped to get married with Amrita Singh. The main reason why parents did not gave approval to their relationship was age difference of 12 long years. Saif and Amrita got married in 1991 but 13 years later they fell apart in 2004.

4. Aamir Khan and Reena Duttaaamir-ended-his-15-year-long-marriage-with-reena-dutta-after-he-fell-in-love-with-kiran-rao-the-actors-assistant-during-the-making-of-lagaan-aamir-has-a-son-and-daughter-with-reena

Many don’t know this fact that Aamir and Reena were next door neighbors. When bollywood superstar Aamir khan turned 21 he proposed reena for marrige. They received a very expected reaction from the parents and that was a big NO for their relationship. Aamir and Reena ran and got married but soon love faded and duo divorced in the year 2002.