15 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

15 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

We are often told from childhood to make a fixed routine and follow it every day, but has it done more harm to us then good? We perform the same tasks from morning to evening subconsciously, which makes us sometimes wonder that are we robots who are functioned to do this by using only a bit of our brain? We make sure to spare some time from our hectic schedule in order to keep ourselves physically healthy, but we often fail to bring in focus, our mental health. Be it solving term papers or doing simple homework, to save our minds from stress and becoming dull, brain exercises can come to rescue. These exercises not only make our mind sharper but also enhances our ability to grasp quickly while learning. It relieves us from stress, hence, leaving a sense of positivity all around. Some exercises which are beneficial for our brain are as follows:

Reading books: Reading opens up our minds and makes us think out of the box. Also, it keeps us hooked and focused for quite a long time.

Meditation: It is an exercise where one focuses and pays attention to only one object; it also raises a sense of clarity of mind and make it calm. It helps in lowering anxiety, stress, and improves the circulation of the blood. It yields lots of benefits which are long term.

Learning something new: Engaging in new activities not only makes your mind to get stretched and worked, but it also expands the horizon of your knowledge.

Puzzles: Activities like puzzle solving challenges you intellectually, hence, making you work your brain harder in order to achieve success. Crosswords and sudokus are some of the most famous types of puzzles around.

Playing board games: Games like chess helps in enhancing our eye-hand coordination and also increases our concentration and strategic abilities. It also positively impacts our skill of decision making and tactics.

Listening to music: Music has always proved to be a savior when one is stressed or going through a rough time. it relieves us from anxiety and depression and also helps in calming us down. In addition, it improves the functioning of our memory.

Deep listening: Activities such as deep listening engages the people to inculcate skills like listening and understanding on a deeper level. Through this exercise, one tends to engage all the senses to gain clarity.

Learning to play a new instrument: Utilizing time and energy to play a new instrument engages a totally different part of the brain. It also enhances the coordination between different parts of the body with eyes and brain.

Try a new routine: We usually have one fixed routine which is followed by us every day, but it is scientifically proven that changing routine once in a while helps in exercising the larger area of the brain. For example, taking a new route to the office, which is different from the one you usually take.

Try new food: Trying new food items which have never been tasted by you before stimulates senses like smell and taste.

Traditional math: Instead of using a calculator every time you have to calculate something, use traditional mathematics techniques. Using pencil and paper to solve questions will engage your mind for a little longer and in addition, polish your math skills.

Painting or doodling: It is an amazing exercise to keep your mind occupied for a long time while unleashing your creative side.

Morning walk: Starting your day with a morning work has always been a wonderful way. The fresh air and the beautiful surrounding calms the mind while observing things around.

Socialize: Meeting new people and having a deep, intellectual conversation makes the mind to bring new topics and themes to discuss and hence, get connected to the world.

Journal writing: The best way to end the day and quickly exercise your brain is to think about all the tasks you performed throughout the day. This will encourage you to dive deep into your thoughts and write your heart out.

With these tips, you can be smarter, sharper, and a way ahead of other people around you. Also, your mind will be stress-free and will be full of constructive and positive thoughts. It is time to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally.