13 Celebrities Who Love To Sleep Without Clothes


It may sound a bit weird but actually sleeping naked at night improves your health and is been proven by the scientists. Medical experts say that sleeping naked cools down your body and also held you to get better n sound sleep. So here presenting the list of few Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities who go to sleep barely wearing anything after all they also need a calm sleep.

  1. Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline revealed on Koffee With Karan that she loves to go to sleep bare medium after all being a girl and an actress as well she needs to look after her beauty as well. As the medical experts have also claimed that sleeping naked makes you skin radiant.

  1. John Abraham 

Like his Dishoom co-star, John also loves sleeping naked. In an interview he said that it makes him feel good and comfortable and after all its his house and why wear clothes under the sheet.

  1. Shahid Kapoor

‘Koffee with Karan in of the most popular chat show in Bollywood where Bollywood stars reveals the unknown details about themselves. Shahid shared on Koffee couch that post marriage he has now started sleeping naked.

  1. Amy Jackson

Recently making her appearance with Bollywood, this actress her shown her love for sleeping naked by posting a picture of her sleeping nude.

  1. Padma Lakshmi

Padma is a television host who stripped down for a Allure Magazine and also said that she loves to sleep naked with her own space.

  1. Poonam Pandey

Poonam is known for her bold pictures and photos clicked for magazines. She as well tweeted to the world that she loves to sleep naked.

  1. Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is famous in Bollywood more for the controversies she’s involved in rather than her work. She said that she love to sleep in her born dress which we assume to be nothing.

  1. Marilyn Monroe


Who can forget Marilyn Monroe. The only Hollywood family celebrity of her time with whom each and every superstar or megastar wanted to work with because of her charm and never ending beauty. When asked that what does she wear while sleeping, the timeless diva said Channel No 5.

  1. Miranda Kerr

Many of us may not know her but Miranda has been posing topless for several magazines and forget about sleeping naked, Kerr loves to be naked.

  1. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Rosie is a super-model who has been advocating on multiple occasions the benefits of sleeping nude.

  1. Nick Jonas

Here’s our newly married Jonas brother who has mentioned in many interviews that he loves to sleep naked.

  1. Ranveer Singh

A-lot of secrets were unfold on Koffee couch when two Bollywood biggies- Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor appeared together. On show Ranveer said that he sleep naked whereas the dapper Ranbir said that he sleeps in his pyjamas.

  1. Varun Dhawan

    26392486-378560279272824-2558706949612896256-n-1520532524On Koffee couch Varun Dhawan mentioned that he has been allergic to clothes since his school days. When he is at home, he just wear shorts and nothing else.

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