10 Tips for Getting Healthy Hair


It is that time of the millennium where you have to keep yourself presentable. you need to be good in every form, and for that, you need to blow dry your hair. Not only the dress but your looks should be appealing. This has lead to girls and females using many heating tools on their hairs. The chemical treatments and the usage of a lot of heating tools damage the hair. It makes them dry and brittle.

But before you start feeling hopeless about your damaged hair or hair fall. This is the time to think twice before getting any other treatment. But, your granny’s magical tips will always be your savior. No wonder your mom and your grandma used to have those long locks like Rapunzel.

Tips to keep your Hair Healthy –

10 Tips for Getting Healthy & best Hair

1. Increases the protein intake – Your hair is made up of protein. Hence, you need all the protein intake in your diet to keep them healthy. Your hair is that crown which you would never take off. So invest in your hair diet by taking incorporate high and fatty protein intake in your daily diet.

2. Change your shampoo – it is time that you should rethink changing your shampoo. Read the ingredients of your shampoo. If it says it is meant to repair the damage, go for it. Also, check whether the shampoo you are using contains paraben and sulfates or not. If it does contain paraben and sulfates, then such shampoos would strip off your hair even more. Always and always go for sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos. They are made from natural and plant-based ingredients. Such shampoos are the best for you.

Also, according to the experts over-shampooing your hair wears off all the shine . So washing your hair once in two days is enough.

3. Include biotin supplements – biotin takes care of your hair and your nails too. This is released in your hair but wears off with age or by too much chemical treatment. Always opt for vegan gummies that contain biotin. These are very natural and healthy supplements for your hair diet.

4. Include omega three and other fatty acids in your diet – it is essential to nourish your hair and take care of them. Include various nuts such as almonds, dates, walnuts, berries etc.

Try to take other dry fruits to keep your hair game healthy. These nuts have natural oils in them. Thus, eating a handful of it would provide nourishment to your hair.

10 Tips for Healthy Hair

5. Oil your hair – this has been coming from your grandma. They used to prepare homemade and natural blends of oil to oil their hair. This ayurvedic recipe is winning hearts even in this century. So oiling your hair at least once a week is so good for your hair. If you do not have enough time, then oil your hair for a few hours before your wash.

6. add zinc to your diet – take zinc supplements for your hair. Increase the intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables for zinc deficiency.

7. Do not use too much heat – washing your hair with hot water will strip off all the natural oil from your hair. To much heat make them rough and dry. This is the biggest mistake that all women make during winters. Also, using too many heating tools like blow-drying, curlers, and rods will strip off your hair. Heat is bad for your hair. Avoid using too much heat on your hair. And if at all you do, then apply pre-heat serum to protect them from burning.

8. Apply curd once a week – curd is so good for your hair. It keeps your hair healthy and damaged free also. It is important to prep up and nourishes your hair with some homemade products once a week. You can also use hair pre-wash and post-wash hair masks. Hair masks nourish the shafts and the tips of your hair by locking moisture in them. Use it once a week.

9. Do not comb wet hair – This is again the most significant blunder that all the girls should comb after washing their hair. Because wet hair is weak, it can break while combing. Comb your hair only after drying it.

Wet Hair

10. Slow down on chemical treatments – Too many chemical treatments would strip off the natural oil and protein from your hair. Avoid taking rebounding and smoothening too often. Avoid coloring your hair. These chemical treatments are very harsh on your hair.

Only getting treatments done at the salon would never help. Protein is the main diet for your hair to look healthy and bouncy. With age and with taking so many chemical treatments, the protein in your hair strand wears off. This leads to your hair looking dull, dry, and damaged. Thus, it is very important to include a high protein diet.