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Lower the risks of heart attack by lowering the heart age

Looking and feeling young is what everyone wants but it is more important to keep the heart young. It is natural that the age...

Are all fungal skin infections contagious?

Fungal infections are the most common conditions affecting the skin. Fungal skin infections occur due to attacks by different types of fungi on the...
HIIT Workout- A Perfect Way To Condition Your Body

HIIT Workout- A Perfect Way To Condition Your Body

If you are aiming to lose some weight while toning your body, then you must have heard about the highly popular exercise strategy called...
Amazing plants that stimulate weight loss

Amazing Plants that Stimulate Weight Loss

While everybody aims at losing weight fast, the best way to do it is to focus on healthy weight loss, as this is the...
9 Beverages to Boost your Weight Loss Efforts

9 Beverages to Boost your Weight Loss Efforts

Obesity has become a major problem in the United States with the 2013-14 Nutrition Health and Examination Survey producing some shocking results: 32.7% of...

Ease Your Journey To Fitness With Exceptional Home Fitness Plans

Do you feel conscious about your increasing weight all the time and are desperately looking for a solution to lose it fast? If yes,...
Why Does Sneezing Feel Good

Why Does Sneezing Feel Good?

From the cradle, we have sneezes that are considered to be a natural reaction, but not many people understand what happens in the body...


If you intend to improve your performance, the best choice available is the potato. Yes, this is a root vegetable that can provide the...
benefits of hiring personal trainer

Important Points To Consider Before Selecting A Personal Fitness Trainer

There was a time, two decades ago, when personal fitness trainers used to be hired by only actors, celebrities or cricket players. But in...
OSHO Dynamic Meditation

Living Healthy With OSHO Dynamic Meditation

In the ancient times people lived a more real life. They smiled when they wanted to smile and got angry when they wanted to...

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15 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

15 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

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